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Practice English Grammar Exercises for A1 A2

with Answer

      1   Word class and word order

           In the world today


      2   Be

           Are you my son?

      3   Present simple 1: statements

           Maybe you know her.

      4   Present simple 2: negatives and questions

           Do you like zoos?

      5   Present continuous

           She’s wearing a bright yellow dress.

      6   Present continuous and present simple

           I’m walking – I don’t have a car.

      7   Imperatives

           Stay calm!

      Review: present simple and present continuous


      8   Past simple 1: was / were

           He was a popular hero.

      9   Past simple 2: regular past forms

           She lived in a tree.

      10   Past simple 3: irregular past forms

           The spoke Celtic languages.

      11   Past continuous

           Everyone was talking about the alligators

      Review: past simple and past continuous

      12   Present perfect 1

           They’ve already invented it!

      13   Present perfect 2

           Have you ever tried mustard ice cream?

      14   Present perfect 3

           They have lived there for centuries.

      15   Present perfect or past simple?

           The company has invented the Mac and the iPod.

      16   Used to

           Sick people often used to sleep in temples.

      Review: present perfect and used to

The future

      17   Will, shall, won’t

           I hope you’ll enjoy yoga.

      18   Present continuous with future meaning

           She’s flying to Glasgow tomorrow.

      19   Be going to

           I’m going to use music.

      Review: the future

Modal verbs

      20   Modal verbs: can, could, be able to

           How can dogs help us?

      21   Modals for requests: can, could, may

           Could we go on a safari?

      22   Must, have to and can’t

           I have to stay here.

      23   Should, ought to

           You should take off your shoes.

      24   Modals of possibility: may, might

           We may never know …

      Review: modals

Questions and answers

      25   Yes / no questions and short answers

           Are beetles important? Yes, they are!

      26   Question words: Where? When? Why? How? Whose?

           How did he die?

      27   Object and subject questions

           Who studied at Hogwarts?

      28   Be like and look like

           What does Wolverine look like?

      29   What? and Which?

           Which of them is the queen bee?

      30   How …? questions

           How cold is the Channel?

      31   So and neither

           Neither do I.

      32   Question tags

           Chocolate is bad for you, isn’t it?

      Review: questions and answers


      33   Have and have got

           Have you got a favourite crocodile?

      34   Make, do and get

           Do you get angry?

      35   Prepositional verbs

           Think about it!

      36   Phrasal verbs

           A friend to tidy up your room.

      37   Verbs with two objects

           Tell your friends the truth.

      38   Verb + –ing or verb + to-infinitive; like and would like

           Learn to speak any language in two weeks!

      39   State verbs

           Imagine a story

      Review: verb structures

Articles, nouns, pronouns, etc.

      40   Countable and uncountable nouns

           Where does sand come from?

      41   Plural nouns

           He ate 47 sandwiches in ten minutes.

      42   Articles 1

           Do you know the answer?

      43   Articles 2

           Play music and watch the birds.

Review: nouns and articles

      44   This, that, these, those

           This is me.

      45   Some, any, no, none

           There are no trains or buses.

      46   Something, everywhere, nobody, anyone

           Say nothing.

      47   Much, many, a lot of, a little, a few

           A lot of fun!

      48   Subject and object pronouns

           I don’t know them and they don’t know me.

      49   Possessive ’s

           My great-grandfather’s letters.

      50   Whose?, my, mine

           Whose bag is this?

      51   There and it

           It’s a very unusual book.

      Review: pronouns; possessives; quantifiers

Adjectives and adverbs

      52   Adjectives

           It’s a wonderful place.

      53   Order of adjectives

           … wonderful golden shoes …

      54   Comparatives

           It’s nearer than you think.

      55   Superlatives

           The lowest point on Earth.

      56   Adverbs of manner

           Eat healthily.

      57   Comparative and superlative adverbs

           Which will fall faster?

      58   –ed and –ing adjectives

           Is it exciting?

      59   Too and enough

           This chair is too soft.

      60   Adverbs of frequency

           We always have dreams.

      Review: adjectives and adverbs


      61   Prepositions of place

           I’ve left my keys at home.

      62   Prepositions of time: at, in, on

           It happened at night.

      63   Prepositions of movement

           Get off the boat and swim to the island.

      Review: prepositions

The passive

      64   Passive: present and past simple

           A lot of rubbish is produced.


      65   Zero and first conditionals

           If you study chemistry, you’ll never stop learning.

      66   Second conditional

           I’d throw a cake at him if he didn’t stop.

      Review: the passive; conditionals

Reported speech

      67   Reported speech

           She said she would never have a party again.

      68   Say and tell

           She told me to meet her.

Relative clauses

      69   Defining relative clauses

           A ball game that is played in many countries

      Review: reported speech; say / tell; relative clauses

Linking words and sentences

      70   Linking words: and, but, or, so, because

           What is 6,700 km long and made of stone?

      71   Time and sequence adverbs: first, then, afterwards

           After lunch we visit the Peguche Waterfall.

      72   Both, either, neither

           They both live in a fantasy world.

      73   Word order

           Outside the port today

      Review: linking words and word order

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