English Exercises

Practice English Listening B2 Exercises

with Answers and Audioscripts

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Friends and family
Mistakes and Mysteries
Exploring new cities
Lower stress
Some embarrassing moments
Health and technology
Putting the mind to work
Problem solving
An automated phone menu
Moving around
Communication: Talk on recycling Christmas trees
Communication: Radio program about biodiesel
Visual Art: Conversation about art forgery
Visual Art: Museum talk about camera obscura
Sociology: Conversation about cell phones
Sociology: Radio commentary on the Internet and relationships
Medicine: Radio interview about cochlear implants
Medicine: Conversation about bio-chip implants
History: Student presentation on the Nobel Prizes
History: Lecture about Kim Dae Jung
Earth Science: Lecture about desertification
Earth Science: Interview about hurricanes
Life Sciences: Radio interview about animal senses
Life Sciences: Television program about bower birds
Psychology: College lecture on optimism and pessimism
Psychology: Conversation about visualization
Health: Radio program on stress
Health: Interview about pet ownership
Business: Lecture on management principles
Business: Informal talk at a business association
Space Science: Radio report on space tourism
Space Science: On-the-street survey about space exploration
Archaeology: Radio interview with a forensic archaeologist
Archaeology: College lecture about Hatshepsut

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