English Exercises

Practice English Listening C1 Exercises

with Answers and Audioscripts

Do you accept the challenge?
Are you a member?
How do you explain that?
Is it art?
Say that again?
What are they hiding?
So you think we should break up?
Get it?
Can we talk about this?
How do you feel?
Nice work!
Work and family
Changing language
Do you remember…?
Don’t get mad, get even
History in the making
Sounds interesting
From cover to cover?
One thing at a time
A material word
Stress and relaxation
Change your life
Can’t give it up
Quite interesting
A beautiful idea
Doctor’s orders
Traveler or tourist?
Animal planet
How to eat out… and in
Insects and animals
Where do I belong?
A good sport
Can you understand this movie?
Clothes and appearance
Science and technology
Superstitions and beliefs
Movies and television
Musicians and music
Changing times
Consumer culture
Exceptional People
Business Matters
Do Opposites Attract?
All About Fashion
Past and Future Predictions
Superstitions Around The World
Meet the Director
Hillary Reynolds Band
Changing Gender Roles
The history of advertising
Humans and animals
Tips for better presentations
Role Models
Job Interview Dos and Don’ts

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