English Exercises

Practice English Listening B1+ Exercises

with Answers and Audioscripts

How was your trip?
What skills are you looking for?
What should I buy?
Do you belong to a gym?
Has the criminal been caught?
Did you see what she’s wearing?
Do I need to install something?
Are you ready to walk away?
How’s she doing?
Why did they call you that?
Life in colour
A bad start
What time does your flight leave?
Go to checkout
A farmers’ market
Grow up!
Photo albums
All kinds of problems
Don’t throw it away!
Put it on your CV
A part-time job that changed a student’s life
Screen time
A quiet life?
Time to tell the police
What the waiter really thinks
Do it yourself
The history of flat-pack furniture
Take your cash
Shall we go out or stay in?
Is it a clue?
Treat yourself
Sites and sights
The Globe Theatre
Total recall
Here comes the bride
Finding Henry
The land of the free?
Please turn over your papers
Speaking exams – top tips for success
Can you understand these people?

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