English Exercises

Practice English Listening B1 Exercises

with Answers and Audioscripts

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Listening for descriptions of people
Listening for complaints
Listen to people making, accepting, and declining requests
Listening to new stories
Listening to opinions about customs
Listening to complaints
Listening to environmental problems
Listening for additional information
Listening to New Year’s resolutions
Listening for dates and time periods
Listening to descriptions of important events
Listening for features and slogans
Listening to explanations
Listening for parts of a movie
Listening to issues and opinions
Listening for people’s goals for the future
Environmental Studies: Lecture about city planning
Environmental Studies: Interview about planning public parks
Psychology: Radio program about the concept of “flow”
Psychology: Personal interviews
Food Science: Lecture about taste in food
Food Science: Interview with a food scientist
Visual Art: Radio interview about Aboriginal art
Visual Art: Lecture in an art museum
Life Science: Radio program on ocean research
Life Science: Informational talk at a ranger station
Social Studies: Lecture about European and U.S. work habits
Social Studies: Radio program about freelancing
Language and Communication: Lecture about other languages in the United States
Language and Communication: Student presentation
Technology: Conversation with a writer
Technology: Talk at a technology museum
Marketing and Advertising: Listeners’ responses to a documentary
Marketing and Advertising: Information conversation
Education: Conversation about college credit for life experience
Education: Personal experiences of college
Astronomy: Radio call-in program
Astronomy: Interview about amateur astronomers
International Studies: Book excerpt about an American living in another country

International Studies: Lecture about culture shock

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