A. Underline the correct option.

1   There are two nice cakes. Both / Neither are delicious.

2   Either / Both Russia and Korea are next to China.

3   A: Do you want an apple or a banana?

     B: Both / Neither. I’m not hungry.

4   We saw both / both of them at the station.

5   I’m not busy on Monday and Tuesday. Either / Neither day is good to meet.

6   We didn’t pass the exam, so either of / neither of us is happy.

7   I have a sister. We both / neither like football.

8   My computer is slow. It’s either / neither broken or it’s very old.


2 Both   3 Neither   4 both of   5 Either

6 neither of   7 both   8 either

B. In your notebook, compare Lyra and Roger using Both / Neither of them … and Both / Neither Lyra and / nor Roger….




1 Where do you come from?



2 Do you like Oxford?



3 Can you use a compass?



4 Do you feel afraid?



5 Have you been to the North?



6 Would you like a map?



7 Do you know where the children are?



1   Both of them come from Oxford. / Both Lyra and Roger come from Oxford.


 Neither of them like / likes Oxford. / Neither Lyra nor Roger like / likes Oxford.

 Neither of them can use a compass. / Neither Lyra nor Roger can use a compass.

 Both of them feel afraid. / Both Lyra and Roger feel afraid.

 Neither of them have / has been to the North. / Neither Lyra nor Roger have / has been to the North.

 Both of them would like a map. / Both Lyra and Roger would like a map.

 Neither of them know / knows where the children are. / Neither Lyra nor Roger know / knows where the children are.

C. Complete the dialogue using both (of), neither (of) or either (of).

Andrew:   Hi, Clare. Have you see seen those two DVDs I bought? I can’t find 1……either of…… them.

Clare:   They are 2……………. on the coffee table. You should take them back to the shop. 3……………. them will play.

Andrew:   Really? I watched 4……………. on Tuesday and they were OK.

Clare:   Well, they don’t work now. Take them back to the shop. You can 5……………. exchange them or get your money back. I didn’t like 6……………., anyway.

Andrew: I thought 7……………. films were good. 8……………. you like those kinds of films or you don’t.


2 both   3 Neither of   4 both   5 either

6 either   7 both   8 Either

D. In your notebook, write sentences about you and your best friend using both (of) and neither (of). (Think about your favourite things; what you do every day; your family and friends; what you can / can’t do and have / don’t have.)

Example: We were both born in 2000.


Possible answers

We both have a pet cat.

Both of us speak a bit of French.

Neither of us likes shopping.

Both of us are in the basketball team.

We both read in bed.

E. Circle the correct option.

1   I love The Golden Compass. I enjoyed …………. the film and the book.

      a neither     b both of     c both

2   Lyra travels between her world and ours, but she doesn’t feel comfortable in …………. .

      a neither of     b either     c either of

3   Neither Lyra’s mother …………. her father understands her.

      a or     b nor     c neither

4   Both Lyra and Roger leave Oxford, but will …………. ever come home again?

      a either them

      b they either

      c either of them

5   A: Who wrote the book? Was it JK Rowling or Lemony Snicket?   B: …………. . It was Philip Pullman.

      a Nor     b Neither     c Either


1 c   2 b   3 b   4 c   5 b

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