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Practice English Grammar Exercises for B1 B2

with Answer


      1   Present simple and present continuous

           I’m holding my breath.

      2   Past simple and past continuous

           He was driving on a dark night.

      3   Used to and would

           They used to pay soldiers in salt.

      4   Present perfect, past simple, present simple

           Many famous people have studied at Harvard.

      5   Present perfect simple and present perfect continuous

           She’s been living here for 30 years.

      6   Past perfect simple and past perfect continuous

           Scientists had been studying a hurricane.

      7   Will and be going to

           What will the future be like?

      8   Present continuous and present simple for future use; future continuous

           We’ll be flying from Hong Kong to Bangkok.

      9   Future perfect and other future forms

           Will they all have gone?

      Review: present, past and future forms


      10   Modals of ability and obligation 1

           Six astronauts can stay there.

      11   Modals of ability and obligation 2

           He should have given the dog a biscuit.

      12   Possibility and certainty in the present and future

           It must be 3.

      13   Possibility and certainty in the past

           It must already have been there.

      14   Requests, permission, offers, suggestions, promises

           Could you take your hat off, please?

      Review: modals

Questions, multi-word verbs and verb structures

      15   Questions forms

           What is language?

      16   Question tags

           Babies don’t have teeth, do they?

      17   Multi-word verbs 1: prepositional verbs

           What are you looking for?

      18   Multi-word verbs 2: phrasal verbs

           Throw away the remote control.

      19   Verb + to-infinitive or -ing

           He decided to run without shoes.

      20   Verb + object + to-infinitive

           Greg made the children work 60 hours a week.

      21   Linking verbs: be, get, feel, etc.

           It looks a bit yellow but it tastes great.

      Review: questions; multi-word verbs; verb structures

Determiners and prepositions

      22   Articles

           A famous code

      23   Quantifiers 1

           Anything can happen in the mountains

      24   Quantifiers 2

           There are plenty of activities

      25   Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns

           Do it yourself!

      26   Prepositions of place, movement and time

           We waited in front of a petrol station.

      27   Verbs with two objects

           Throw her to the dogs!

      28   Prepositions

           He was terrible at spelling.

      Review: articles; quantifiers, pronouns; prepositions

Adjectives, adverbs, the passive and conditionals

      29   Adjectives

           Totally amazing!

      30   Comparatives

           A three-year-old speaks much more fluently.

      31   Superlatives

           The most dangerous fish is …

      32   Adverbs and adverb phrases

           He climbs the monument regularly.

      33   The passive 1

           The new metal was called bronze.

      34   The passive 2

           They deserve to be mentioned.

      35   Zero, first and second conditionals

           If you think you can, you can.

      36   Third conditional, I wish, If only

           I wish I had heard those songs.

      37   Variations on conditionals

           We can change the world if people listen to us.

      Review: comparatives and superlatives; the passive; conditionals

Word formation and sentences

      38   Indirect statements

           They said their son was flying.

      39   Indirect questions

           If you are wondering why glaciers are interesting …

      40   Defining relative clauses

           The companies who connect people to the Internet

      41   Non-defining relative clauses

           ‘I thought it was dumb, which shows he’s smarter than I am!’

      42   Word formation 1: verbs and adjectives (affixes)

           Scrabble – the international game

      43   Word formation 2: nouns (affixes)

           You need imagination, self-confidence …

      44   It and there

           Do you find it difficult to sleep?

      45   Linking words 1: addition, contrast and time

           Once you have read one …

      46   Linking words 2: reason, purpose and result

           Why? Because the roads were bad.

      Review: indirect speech; relative clauses; word formation; it and there; linking words

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