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Practice English Advanced Grammar Exercises

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    1   Present simple and present continuous

            Why is the girl in the photo smiling?

    2   Past simple and past continuous; used to and would

            Musicians sang and threw flowers.

    3   Present perfect simple and present perfect continuous

            The higher temperatures have had dramatic effects.

    4   Past perfect simple and past perfect continuous

            He’d been expecting an easy climb.

    5   The future 1: will, be going to, present continuous, present simple

            I’m going to ask her to marry me.

    6   The future 2: other ways to refer to the future, the future in the past

            They will be lying on the sofa.

    7   The passive 1: basic passive forms

            Borders between countries are being broken down.

    8   The passive 2: complex passive forms

            It has been suggested that it was caused by secret experiments.


    9   Modal verbs 1

            There must be something else.

    10   Modal and non-modal verbs 2

              I must admit, my first films were terrible.

    11   Other ways to express modality

              There’s no point doing nothing.

    Review: present simple and continuous; past and perfect tenses; the future; the passive; modals

Determiners, pronouns and noun phrases

    12   Determiners 1: articles and demonstratives

              A hand came through the window.

    13   Determiners 2: quantifiers

              A good deal of progress has been made.

    14   Pronouns and possessives

              We all helped one another.

    15   It and there

              It’s a good idea to make sure you’re reasonably fit.

    16   Nouns and noun phrases 1

              A spoonful of cheese ice cream

    17   Nouns and noun phrases 2: gerunds

              Bowing your head is the normal way to greet others.

    Review: determiners; pronouns and possessives; it and there; nouns and noun phrases

Prepositions, adjectives and adverbs

    18   Prepositions

              Hodja climbed up the ladder with the man behind him.

    19   Prepositions after adjectives and nouns

              Without doubt the perfect solution to your problems

    20   Verbs + prepositions; prepositional verbs

              If the moon loves you, why worry about the stars?

    21   Adjectives 1

              There’s an amazing golden statue.

    22   Adjectives 2

              My daughter said it would be pointless complaining.

    23   Adjectives 3

              One of the most modern campuses in the world

    24   Adverbs

              Fortunately, however, it keeps missing.

    Review: prepositions; adjectives; adverbs

Verb structures

    25   Phrasal verbs

              We picked up our things and started walking off.

    26   Infinitives and -ing forms

              I can’t imagine being bored here!

    27   Copular verbs

              There are plenty of ways of appearing younger.

    28   Verbs with two objects

              Why do we love to give each other presents?

    29   Advanced verb structures

              I heard a key turn in the lock.

    Review: phrasal verbs; verbs with infinitive or -ing-, copular verbs; verbs with two objects; advanced verb structures

Word formation

    30   Prefixes and suffixes

              The fines for homelessness are inevitably unaffordable.

    31   Com pounding

              You’re sunbathing on the beach, enjoying an ice cream.

    32   Word formation 1: conversion

              Go for a stroll to help clear your head and calm your nerves.

    33   Word formation 2: other sources

              Did you know penguin is a Welsh word?

Conditionals, clauses, questions, indirect speech 

    34   Conditional clauses

              If it hadn’t been for Percy, who knows what could have happened?

    35   Other conditional forms

              If you would just wait here for a moment.

    36   Relative clauses

              It has Andean mountains, many of which rise to over 4,500 metres.

    37   Adverbial clauses

              Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt.

    38   Question forms

              Why is the kitchen covered in bubbles, do you think?

    39   Indirect speech

              She said she would not take part in the next year’s competition.

    40   Emphatic devices

              All I did was ask for my money back!

    Review: word formation; conditionals; relative and adverbial clauses; question forms; indirect speech; emphatic devices

Sentences and varieties of English

    41   Linking words

              Within five days, a five-metre gap had opened up.

    42   Reference techniques

              It happened when he was just 16.

    43   Ellipsis and substitution

              Just because you haven’t passed yet, doesn’t mean you never will.

    44   Formal and academic English

             The origins of human language present something of a mystery.

    45   Informal and spoken English

              There’s loads of great stuff on their website.

    46   International English

               As grammar plenty, na so trouble plenty.

    Review: linking and reference words; ellipsis and substitution; formal and academic English; informal and spoken English

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