Exercise 1

Listen to these comments about transportation services. Match them to the correct pictures.

Answers & Audioscripts

a 3   b 2   c 1


1   “The buses are old and slow, and they cause too much pollution. In cities with less pollution, people are healthier.”

2   “There are too many cars. All the cars, taxis, and buses are a danger to bicyclists. There is too much traffic!”

3   “There should be fewer cars, but I think that the biggest problem is parking. There just isn’t enough parking.”

Exercise 2

A. Listen to a resident of Singapore talk about how his city has tried to solve its traffic problems. Check (✓) True or False for each statement.





1  Motorists can’t drive into the business district.


2  People need a special certificate to buy a car.


3  There are enough certificates for everyone.


4  Cars are more expensive than in North America.


5  Public transportation isn’t very good.


B. Listen again. For the false statements, write the correct information.

Answers & Audioscripts


1 False   2 True   3 False   4 True   5 False


 They need a pass to drive there.

 There aren’t enough certificates for everyone.

 Public transportation in Singapore is excellent.


MAN:   Singapore has done a lot to try to solve its traffic problems. For example, to drive into the downtown business district, motorists need to buy a special pass. They can go into the business district only if they have the pass on their windshield.

Another thing Singapore has done is to make it more difficult to buy cars. People have to apply for a certificate before they can buy a car. Not everyone can get a certificate. There’s a limited number of them. There’s also a high tax on cars, so a new one costs a lot of money. A car can cost three or four times more in Singapore than in the U.S. or Canada. The other thing Singapore has done is build an excellent public transportation system. Their subway system is one of the best in the world. And there’s also a very good taxi and bus system.

Exercise 3

Listen to the conversation. Check (✓) the information that Eric asks for.

the cost of a bus to the city

the location of a taxi stand

the cost of a guidebook

the location of a bookstore

Answers & Audioscripts

the cost of a bus to they city; the location of a bookstore


ERIC:   Excuse me. It’s me again. I’m sorry. I need some more information – if you don’t mind. Do you know how much the bus costs?

CLERK:   It’s $20. You can buy a ticket on the bus.

ERIC:   $20? Wow.

CLERK:   Well, a taxi costs about $50.

ERIC:   Hmm, OK. And do you know where a bookstore is? I’d like to get a guidebook.

CLERK:   Go upstairs and turn right. You’ll see one on your left.

ERIC:   Thanks very much. Have a nice day.

CLERK:   You, too.

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