Exercise 1

A. Listen to Rachel and Jean-Paul’s conversation in each picture. Answer the questions.

 what’s happening in each picture?

 how Jean-Paul and Rachel feel about each other?

B. Listen again and complete these sentences?

Conversation 1

1   Jean-Paul bought Rachel a cactus because she needed some plants in her ________.

2   In the evening Rachel’s going out with ________.

Conversation 2

3   She didn’t get the job with NBS because she doesn’t have enough ________.

4   She’s worked for the company for almost ________ years.

Conversation 3

 She didn’t come to the cinema because she had a call from her ________.

 Jean-Paul and Rachel planned to meet at ________.

Conversation 4

7   Rachel’s new job is ________ miles away.

8   She thinks she should start looking for a ________.



Possible answers:

1   A It’s her birthday. He has given her a cactus.

     B She doesn’t get a job with NBS.

     C She didn’t go to the cinema. Her sister phoned.

     D She got a new job. She’s moving away.

2   They’re just colleagues and friends.

     He likes her a lot, but she isn’t interested in him.


1 flat   2 some friends   3 experience   4 five

5 sister in New Zealand   6 the cinema   7 200

8 place to live



RACHEL   Hi, Jean-Paul.

JEAN-PAUL   Morning, Rachel. Happy birthday!

R   Oh, cheers. How did you know?

J   Oh, you know. Somebody told me. Er … I’ve just bought you a present.

R   Is it for me? Ah, that’s very kind of you.

J   You’re welcome. Be careful!

R   Ouch!

J   I said be careful!

R   What is it?

J   It’s a cactus. You said your flat needed some plants, so …

R   Well, yes, it does. Yes. Thanks very much, Jean-Paul.

J   Don’t mention it. Are you doing anything exciting tonight?

R   Oh, you know, just going out with some friends. Why don’t you come along?

J   I’d love to, thanks.


J   Hi, Rachel What are you reading?

R   Oh, hi. I got a letter from NBS this morning.

J   Who?

R   NBS? I applied for a job there.

J   Yeah?

R   Well, they’ve given the job to someone else.

J   Oh, that’s not good.

R   They said I don’t have enough experience.

J   Well …

R   I’ve been here for almost five years, Jean-Paul!

J   I’m really sorry, Rach.

R   Me too.

J   So, does that mean you’re staying here?


R   Hi, Jean-Paul. How are you?

J   I’m OK.

R   Look, Jean-Paul, about last night … I’m really sorry. My sister called, the one who lives in New Zealand, she’s just had a baby, her second. She called me and we ended up talking on the phone all evening!

J   That’s OK.

R   So did you go to the cinema?

J   Well, we said we’d meet outside the cinema at seven-thirty, so, yes, I did.

R   So who did you go with?

J   What? I didn’t go with anyone.

R   Sorry!

J   Don’t worry about it. It was a good film, anyway.


R   Good morning, Jean-Paul!

J   Oh, hello. You look happy this morning.

R   Yes, I’ve done it!

J   Done what?

R   I’ve found a new job!

J   Oh, right, congratulations! Well done!

R   Thanks!

J   So, where are you going?

R   Cool Net.

J   What?

R   Cool Net.

J   But that’s not in New York. It’s miles away!

R   Yeah, about two hundred miles. Actually, I should start looking for a place to live there …

J   That’s a long way to go for a new job.

R   Not really, I’ve been here for almost five years.

J   Me too.

R   So – time for a change, I think!

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Sharmila and Jenny. Tick (✓) the things they talk about.

a movie     Sharmila’s new home     Sharmila’s new job

Mani’s new job     a concert

B. Listen again. Answer the questions.

1   What do they say about the things?

2   How often do you think they see each other?



Sharmila’s new home

Mani’s new job

Sharmila’s new job

a concert


Possible answers:


Sharmila’s new home: it’s a house, lots of room, in a quiet street

Her new job: still teaches maths, in a different school, near their home, the children are difficult

Mani’s new job: happy, has more money

Concert: Jenny went to a rock concert last weekend, it was great


They don’t see each other very often because they live in different countries.


SHARMILA   It’s great to see you, Jenny.

JENNY   Yeah, you too. So, what have you been up to?

 Erm, things are very busy right now.


 Yeah, everything seems to be happening at once. Erm … remember I told you we were planning to move?


 Well, we’ve moved now …

 Oh, right.

 … and it’s fantastic! We just love the house. There’s loads of room and the street is quiet. And I’ve just started a new job!

 Oh, great! So what are you doing?

 I’m still teaching maths. But I’m at a different school.

 And how is it?

 Well, it’s close to our new house, so that’s nice, but some of the kids are difficult!

 Hm, that’s not good.

 No. Well.

 And how’s Mani?

 He’s changed jobs as well, actually. He’s getting more money now. He’s really happy.

 Oh, that’s good.

 Yeah. Anyway, what’s new with you?

 Not much.

 No? How are things at work?

 The same, really. Same job, same boyfriend, but, yeah, we’re OK. We went to this great concert last weekend.

 Oh, what did you see?

 We saw this great band …   

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Pete talk about a gesture he saw when he lived in Egypt.

 Did he understand the gesture?

 What does it mean?



 Of course, no problem.


Well, I lived in Cairo, in Egypt, for a year and they used a lot of gestures there that I didn’t know. Erm, I remember when I first got a taxi, I asked to go to the centre – in my terrible Arabic – and the driver pointed at his eyes with his finger. And I really didn’t understand this. I thought he meant, er, “Be careful” or something like that. Anyway, the rest of the journey was, you know, fine and then a few days later I asked an Egyptian friend about the gesture. He explained that it means “of course, no problem”. Taxi drivers often do it when you’ve told them where you want to go. So that was interesting, yeah.

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