A. Listen and circle the correct answer, a, b, or c.

1   Where did the woman go at the weekend?

      a to the cinema     b nowhere

      c to the beach

2   The man doesn’t eat enough _______.

      a fruit     b fish     c vegetables

3   How often does the woman go to the gym?

      a only on Friday     b twice a week

      c every day

4   What time does the woman get up?

      a 7.00     b 7.15     c 7.30

5   What do the men have in common?

      a They drink coffee.

      b They used to be married.

      c They’re teachers.


1 b   2 b   3 b   4 b   5 b



A   Did you have a good weekend?

B   Yeah, fine, thanks.

A   Did you go anywhere nice?

B   Well, we wanted to go to the beach but the weather was awful, so we didn’t.

A   Did you go out on Saturday night?

B   No, we stayed at home and watched a film.


A   Do you eat a lot of fast food?

B   No, almost none. I think my diet is quite healthy. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, although I should probably eat more fish.


A   How often do you go to the gym.

B   Not as often as I’d like to.

A   I thought you went every day!

B   No, only Mondays and Fridays now. I’m too busy.


A   What time do you get up?

B   I wake up at 7.00 but I always go back to sleep for fifteen minutes. Then I get up.


A   Do you want a coffee?

B   No, I don’t drink coffee, thanks.

A   What do you do?

B   I’m a teacher. What about you?

A   I work in computers.

B   Are you married?

A   Divorced.

B   So am I.

B. Listen and write M (the man), W (the woman), or B (both).


1   went to bed late   ____

2   is good in the mornings   ____

3   went to Liverpool University   ____

4   studied Economics   ____

5   knows Fiona


1 M   2 W   3 B   4 M   5 B


A   Morning.

B   Good morning.

A   I’m really tired. I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

B   Why not?

A   I went out for dinner with an old friend from university and I went to bed late.

B   What time?

A   1.00, and then I had to get up at 7.00. I’m terrible in the mornings, too.

B   Are you? I’m the opposite. I’m at my best in the mornings. What university did you go to?

A   Liverpool.

B   Yeah? So did I! When did you finish?

A   In 1999. What about you?

B   I finished in ’97.

A   What did you study?

B   French and German.

A   I studied Economics.

B   Economics? I used to know a girl who studied Economics at Liverpool.

A   What was her name?

B   Fiona … Fiona Kennedy. Don’t tell me you know her?

A   Know her? I married her.

B   You’re joking! I don’t believe it. What a coincidence!

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