A. Listen to five short conversations. Circle a, b, or c.

1   Anna _____ to go to the party.

      a wants     b doesn’t want

      c isn’t sure if she wants

2   the concert was _____.

      a awful     b quite good

      c very good

3   Maria is _____ late for class.

      a never     b hardly ever

      c often

4   The woman speaks _____ very well.

      a French     b German

      c Italian

5   Henry kicked the ball _____.

      a into the goal

      b over the top of the goal

      c to the left of the goal


1 c   2 3 c   4 a   5 b



A   Hi, is that Anna?

B   Yes, hi Rob.

A   Hi there. Look, there’s a party on Saturday. Would you like to come?

B   Well, I’m not sure. I don’t really like parties. Whose party is it?

A   Linda’s. It’s her birthday. There’ll be lots of people you know. I’m sure you’ll have a good time.

B   Well, I’ll think about it and I’ll tell you tomorrow.


A   What did you do at the weekend, Martin?

B   I went to a concert. The Philharmonia at the City Hall.

A   What was it?

B   Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

A   Was it good?

B   Well, not bad. The orchestra were fantastic, but the singers weren’t very good.

A   Oh, that’s a pity.


A   OK, now please can you go to page 24? Come in. Oh, hello Maria. You’re a bit late.

B   Sorry, I miss the bus.

A   Oh, you missed the bus. You missed the bus on Monday too. And last week. OK, well come on and sit down.


A   Are you good at languages?

B   Well, quite – I can speak good French, and I can read Italian well, though I can’t speak it very well.

A   What about German?

B   I can understand it a bit, but I can’t really speak it.

A   Well, I think that’s brilliant. I can only speak a bit of Spanish and that’s it.


… at Highbury Stadium. And Ljundberg passes the ball to Henry, and he’s running towards the goal and he’s going to shoot and … ah the ball’s just gone over the bar – just a metre or so too high …

B. Listen and complete the form for the Milford Sports Centre.

Sport:   1______________

Day:   2______________

Time:   from 3______________ to 4______________

Name:   5______________

Cost:   6______________


1 basketball   2 Thursday   3 6.00

4 7.30   5 Susan Stevens   6 free


A   Hello. How can I help you?

B   I’d like some information about the sports centre. My daughter wants to learn to play a team sport.

A   How old is she?

B   She’s 12.

A   Well, she could learn volleyball, football, basketball.

B   I think she’s like basketball. She’s quite tall for her age.

A   Well, there are two groups. One trains on Tuesdays and one on Thursdays.

B   I think Thursdays would be best for her. She finishes school early on Thursdays. What time is the class?

A   From 6.00 to 7.30. Is that OK for her?

B   Yes, that’s fine.

A   Can I have her name, please?

B   Yes, her name’s Susan Stevens.

A   Can you spell the surname?

B   Yes, S-T-E-V-E-N-S.

A   Right, I’ll put her down for the Thursday group then.

B   How much do the classes cost?

A   You don’t have to pay, they’re free.

B   Oh, great! Well, she’ll be there on Thursday at 6.00 then. Bye.

A   Bye.

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