Exercise 1

Listen to Jenny and Rob talking. Complete the gaps.

Jenny Zielinski and Rob Walker work for a 1________ called NewYork 24seven. She’s American and he’s 2________. Rob came to New York a few 3________ ago. He had met Jenny when she went to 4________ on a work trip. They got on very well and he was offered a job for a month in 5________. Later, he was offered a 6________ job. Jenny helped Rob 7________ an apartment and they are enjoying life in the USA, although Rob misses his friends and 8________.


1 magazine   2 British   3 months   4 London   5 New York

6 permanent   7 find   8 family


J = Jenny, R = Rob

J    My name’s Jenny Zielinski. And New York is my city. I live here and I work for a magazine, NewYork 24seven.

R   My name’s Rob Walker. I’m a writer on NewYork 24seven. You can probably tell from my accent that I’m not actually from New York. I’m British, and I came over to the States a few months ago.

  I met Rob in London, when I was visiting the UK on a work trip. He was writing for the London edition of 24seven. We got along well right away. I really liked him.

R   So why am I in New York? Because of Jenny, of course. When they gave me the opportunity to work here for a month, I took it immediately. It gave us the chance to get to know each other better. When they offered me a permanent job, I couldn’t believe it!

J    I helped Rob find an apartment. And now here we are. Together in New York. I’m so happy. I just hope Rob’s happy here, too.

R   I really loved living in London. A lot of my friends and family are there, so of course I still miss it. But New York’s a fantastic city. I’ve got a great job, and Jenny’s here, too.

  Things are changing pretty fast in the office. We have a new boss, Don Taylor. And things are changing in my personal life, too. This evening’s kind of important. I’m taking Rob to meet my parents for the very first time. I just hope it goes well!

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Jenny introducing Rob to her parents. What bad news does Rob have for Jenny? What good news does Jenny have for her parents?

B. Listen again and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). Correct the F sentences.

 Rob left the chocolates at the office.

 Rob’s desk is usually very tidy.

 It’s the second time that Rob has met Jenny’s parents.

 Sally has prepared a big dinner.

 Jenny’s new job is Managing Director.

 Jenny is going to be Rob’s manager.



He left the chocolates on his desk at work.

She’s got a promotion – she’s now a manager.


1 T

2 F (Rob’s desk is always a complete mess.)

3 F (Rob is meeting Jenny’s parents for the first time.)

4 T

5 F (Jenny’s new job is Managing Editor.)

6 F (She is a manager, but not Rob’s manager.)


J = Jenny, R = Rob, H = Harry, S = Sally

  I can’t believe we got here so late.

R   I’m sorry, Jenny. I had to finish that article for Don.

  Don’t forget the chocolates.

R   OK…Oh no!

  I don’t believe it. Don’t tell me you forgot them?

R   I think they’re still on my desk.

  You’re kidding.

R   You know what my desk’s like.

  Yeah, it’s a complete mess. Why don’t you ever tidy it?


R   We could go and buy some more.

J    How can we get some more? We’re already late!… Hi there!

H   You made it!

J    Sorry we’re late. So, this is my mom and dad, Harry and Sally. And this, of course, is Rob.

R   Hello.

S    It’s so nice to meet you at last.

H   Yes, Jenny’s finally decided to introduce you to us.

S    Come in, come in!


J    Mom, I’m really sorry – we bought you some chocolates, but we left them at the office.

S   What a pity. Never mind.

H   Yeah, don’t worry about it. We know what a busy young woman you are. And your mom has made way too much food for this evening anyway.

S   Oh, Harry.

J    But I also have some good news.

 Really? What’s that?

J    Well, you know we have a new boss? He’s still new to the job and needs support, so today he made me the Managing Editor of the magazine.

S   So you’ve got a promotion? How fantastic!

H   That’s great news! Hey, does that mean Jenny’s going to be your boss, Rob?

R   Er…yes, I guess so.

J    Well, not exactly. I’m a manager, but I’m not Rob’s manager.

S   Let’s go and have dinner.

J    What a great idea!

Exercise 3

A. Listen to the conversation after dinner. Does the evening end well or badly?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

 What university did Jenny go to?

 Is Harry impressed by Rob’s job? Why (not)?

 What does Harry like doing in his free time?

 Who are most of the photos in the dining room of?

 Who are Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Wynton Marsalis?

 What surprises Harry about Rob?



The evening ends well.


1   Harvard

2   No, he isn’t, because he thinks creative people, like writers, sometimes don’t earn enough to pay the bills.

3   He likes taking photographs.

4   Jenny

5   Famous jazz musicians

6   That he knows about Wynton Marsalis (Harry’s idol) and has interviewed him and spent the day with him.


H = Harry, J = Jenny, R = Rob, S = Sally

H   You know, our Jenny has done incredibly well, Rob. She’s the first member of our family to study at Harvard. She’s a very capable and ambitious young woman.

  Oh, Dad.

R   No, it’s true, Jenny.

H   But what about you, Rob? How do you see your career? Do you see yourself going into management?

R   Me? No. Not really. I’m more of a…a writer.

H   Really? What kind of things do you write?

R   Oh, you know, interviews, reviews…things like that…and I’m doing a lot of work for the online magazine…

  Rob’s a very talented writer, Dad. He’s very creative.

H   That’s great, but being creative doesn’t always pay the bills.

  You know, my dad’s a very keen photographer. He took all of these photos.

H   Oh, Rob won’t be interested in them.

R   But I am interested. I mean, I like photography. And I think I recognize some of these people.

H   That’s because most of them are of Jenny.

R   But there are some great jazz musicians, too.…That’s Miles Davis…and isn’t that John Coltrane? And that’s Wynton Marsalis.

H   You know about Wynton Marsalis?

R   Know about him? I’ve interviewed him!

H   How incredible! I love that guy. He’s a hero of mine.

R   Well, he’s a really nice guy. I spent a whole day with him, chatting and watching him rehearse.

H   Really? I want to hear all about it.

 Have a cookie, Rob.

H   Go ahead, son! Sally makes the best cookies in New York!

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