Exercise 1

1. Listen to Gina and Libby talking about scuba diving and the Colour Run and answer the questions.

1   Why do they like each sport?

2   What do they agree to do at the end?

2. Listen again and discuss the questions.

1   Where did Gina try scuba diving?

2   How much training did she do?

3   Why was she scared at first?

4   How long is the run that Libby’s going to do?

5   Why is it different from normal runs?



 Gina liked seeing the fish and the coral. Libby enjoyed the Colour Run because it’s not too long and not too competitive and it’s fun because you get covered in paint and there’s a party at the end.

 They agree to train/prepare together for the Colour Run.


 in Thailand (off an island called Koh Tao)

 a three-day course

 She was worried about sharks and running out of oxygen.

 five kilometres

 People cover the runners in powder paint every kilometre; there’s a big party at the end with music and more paint.


LIBBY   So, how are you, Gina? How was your holiday?

GINA   Oh, it was great. Really good. Thailand was beautiful. And the food was amazing. But the best bit was when we went scuba diving.

L   Scuba diving? I didn’t realise you were going to do that!

G   Neither did we! But we went to this gorgeous island called Koh Tao, and it turned out it’s famous for its diving. Everyone there told us how amazing it is to dive there, so we decided to have a go.

L   Wow. So did you have to do some training before you went in the sea?

G   Yes, we did a three-day course – PADI, it’s called. We had to do a few sessions in a classroom and in a pool, but by the second day we were already diving in the open water.

L   Was it scary? I think if I went, I’d be terrified!

G   I was a bit worried about it before we went into the water for the first time. You start imagining sharks, and running out of oxygen, and all kinds of things! But once we got in, I relaxed really quickly. There were so many amazing fish to see – the colours were fantastic. In fact, I got so excited that I was moving around too much and using up all my oxygen. The instructor told me off. Apparently, diving is a sport for lazy people. You’re not supposed to move around too much!

L   Oh really? It sounds perfect for me!

G   And on the third day we went to Shark Island. Luckily, it turns out that the name comes from the shape of the island – it looks like a fin – not the local wildlife! The coral there was just so beautiful – all these gorgeous colours.

 It all sounds so amazing.

G   It really was. If you get the chance, you should definitely go scuba diving. If you went, you would absolutely love it.

L   OK, well, if I ever go to somewhere like Thailand, I might try it.

G   So, how are you? What’s been happening here?

 Not much, really. Oh, I’ve just signed up for my first ever public run!

G   Oh, great! I was wondering if you were still going running. A marathon?!

L   No, not quite! I wouldn’t do a full marathon – I’m not fit enough! It’s only five kilometres, and it’s not a timed race, or anything. It’s just for fun, really. It’s called the Colour Run, because every kilometre they cover you in coloured powder paint. So, by the end, you’re all covered in different colours.

G   Ha-ha, that sounds like fun.

L   Yes, I think it’ll be a bit more relaxed than a proper race – not quite so competitive. And at the end of the race, there’s a big party, with music – and loads more powder paint. And it’s popular with all kinds of people.

G   Excellent!

 You should do it too! It would be great if there was a big group of us going. Would you like to try?

G   Hmm, yes, I would, but I don’t know. If I was a bit fitter, I would definitely do it. When is it?

 It’s not for a couple of months. You’ve got time to prepare. And five kilometres is not very far.

G   Hmm, OK then. I’ll give it a try!

Exercise 2

1. Listen and match speakers 1-4 with pictures a-d below.

Speaker 1 ____                 Speaker 2 ____

Speaker 3 ____                 Speaker 4 ____


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 d



A   How did the match go?

B   Oh, I lost 5-1.

A   Oh dear.

B   Well, I wasn’t playing my best. Of course I would have won easily if I hadn’t hurt my arm.

A   Oh, of course.


 It’s no good. I can’t start the engine.

D   Oh great. This car’s nothing but trouble.

 I know. I wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known it was in such bad condition.

D   Well, what did you expect for such a cheap price?


 Careful! Are you OK?

 Yes, thank you, I’m fine. Thank you. If you hadn’t pushed me, that car would have hit me!

 Yes, I know. Some people just don’t look.

 Yes. Thank you so much anyway.

E   That’s all right. You be careful, though.


G   We found out that he was lying all the time. He had a daughter living in Hong Kong and he was sending her all the money.

 Ah, that explains why his bank account was empty.

 Yes exactly. I wouldn’t have discovered the truth if I hadn’t read her letters. I found them in a box in his attic.

H   Well done. Good work.

Exercise 3

1. Listen to Part 1. What do you think Tom and Mark are talking about?

2. Listen to Part 2 to check.


Tom’s talking about asking Becky to marry him.


Part 1

MARK   Thanks, Tom. So have you …?

TOM   Not yet.

M   Right.

 I’m going to ask her tonight.

M   Oh! How do you feel?

 A bit nervous! How did you feel when you did it?

Part 2

TOM   How did you feel when you did it?

MARK   When I asked Rachel to marry me? Um, fine, I think. You’ve got nothing to worry about. I’m sure it’ll be OK.

 I wish I had your confidence.

M   So, where are you taking her?

 I’ve booked a table at Bella Vita. It’s the place where we went on our first date.

M   That’s a good idea.

 Do you think so? You don’t think it’s a bit boring?

M   No, not at all.

 Hmm. I’m still worried that something will go wrong. What if she says no?

M   She’s definitely not going to say no. You two are perfect for each other.

 Hmm, but what if?

M   All right, enough!

3. Listen to Part 3. Which one is most likely? Why?

1   Tom is too nervous and doesn’t ask Becky to marry him.

2   Becky asks Tom to marry her before he can ask her.

3   Becky is very surprised and says yes.

4. Listen to Part 3 again. Are the statements true (T) or false (F)?

 Becky and Tom both think that they went to this restaurant for their first date.

 Tom tried to phone Becky earlier.

 Becky wants to talk to Tom about their plans for the weekend.

 Becky was expecting Tom to ask her to marry him.

 Becky says she will marry Tom.





1 F   Becky thinks they went somewhere else.

2 T   3 T

4 F   She says ‘I had no idea.’

5 T


Part 3

BECKY   Thank you!

TOM   Thanks!

B   So what are you going to get? I’m starving!

T   I don’t know. Maybe a pizza.

В   Yeah, the pizzas do look really good.

T   So, um, Becky, ever since I’ve known you …

В   It’s been a long time since we were here last.

T   Yeah, we came here on our first date, didn’t we?

B   Really? I thought we went somewhere else. That reminds me, I need to book the restaurant for the office party. Let me just make a note of that before I forget. Were you trying to give me a ring earlier?

 A ring? What?! No!

В   I’ve got a missed call from you on my phone.

 Oh! Oh, yeah, I just wanted to check that you knew which restaurant it was.

B   Oh, OK.

T   So, anyway, as I was saying, you’ve really changed my life. waiter Are you ready to order?

В   Oh, we haven’t even looked at the menus yet! Could you give us a couple more minutes?

W   Of course.

T   Becky, there’s something I want to ask you.

В   Oh yes, me too. Are you free this weekend? My parents are coming to stay and –

T   Listen, I’m trying to ask you to marry me!

B   What? Tom! Oh, I had no idea. How long have you been planning this? … This ring is gorgeous. When did you buy that? Oh, I know! That’s what you were doing with Rachel in the shopping centre. I was sure something was going on!

T   Becky, will you marry me?

В   Of course I will!

Exercise 4

1. Listen to Greg. Make notes in the table.

1   What he studied


2   Reason for going


3   How he raised money


4   What he did


5   What happened next



1   nursing

2   always wanted to go to African country to use nursing skills to help people

3   two hospitals sponsored him, and borrowed money from bank

4   went round villages, taught basic ways to improve hygiene and avoid catching diseases

5   got a job at university hospital in Auckland


GREG   I finished training as a nurse in Auckland and I was expecting to get a job in a small hospital somewhere. But then a friend told me about NowVolunteer and I decided to apply. I’d always wanted to go to an African country and use my nursing skills to help people and here was a chance to do that, so I decided to take the opportunity while I could. I had to raise $500 before I went, but that was quite easy – I got two hospitals to sponsor me and then I borrowed some money from the bank.

So I went to Madagascar and joined a team of people working with a local supervisor. We set up a program where we went round villages and taught basic ways to improve hygiene and to avoid catching diseases. For example, we gave instruction about how to avoid catching malaria and distributed mosquito nets to some of the homes. I think we did some good, I hope so anyway, but I also learned a huge amount from it. I was suddenly in a completely different culture, teaching people who had such a different lifestyle from my own, so I think it made a big difference to the way I see the world. And I also made some very good friends out there, both local people and the other volunteers. We had such good times together and we’ve kept in touch since then.

After I came back, I got accepted straight away for a job at the university hospital, which is one of the best hospitals in Auckland. I’m sure I wouldn’t have managed to do that if I hadn’t worked in Madagascar and got this practical experience.

So I’d recommend NowVolunteer to anyone. I think their programs are great.

Exercise 5

1. Listen to a conversation between two students, Wendy and Phil, and tick (✓) the correct answer.




 Who seems to be unhappy?

 Who has had an interview recently?

 Who wishes that they had got better marks at school?

 Who describes a time when they felt very worried?

 Who encourages the other?

 Who needs some advice for a future interview?

2. Listen to the conversation again. Tick (✓) the correct answers.

1   According to Wendy, how many people apply for each place at medical school?

      a   2

      b   10

      c   12

2   Phil reminds Wendy that she had excellent results in …

      a   all her subjects.

      b   more subjects than Phil.

      c   most of her subjects.

3   When she describes her interview to Phil, what does Wendy compare herself to?

      a   an animal

      b   her mother

      c   the Sahara desert

4   Phil is sure that the people who interviewed Wendy …

      a   have all had a similar experience to Wendy.

      b   must have understood how intelligent Wendy is.

      c   were all experienced and professional people.

5   Wendy says that all doctors should be …

      a   confident.

      b   friendly.

      c   patient.

6   Which of these things does Phil suggest might help Wendy improve?

      a   taking up a sport

      b   finding a job in a theatre

      c   having a go at acting.



1 Wendy   2 Wendy   3 Phil   4 Wendy   5 Phil   6 Phil


1 b   2 a   3 a   4 a   5 a   6 c


PHIL   Hi, Wendy! How’s it going?

WENDY   Mmm? Oh, hi Phil, it’s you. Yeah, I’m doing OK. Not too bad.

 Hmm. You could try to sound more convincing when you say that!

W   It’s just … I had my interview this morning.

 Of course. How’d it go?

W   Awful. I want to be a doctor so much, but after that interview …

 Oh come on, I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. You’ve got nothing to worry about with your marks.

W   Thanks, I know. But I’m pretty sure they want more than just good grades. I mean, this is medical school. I read somewhere that for every place at university at least 10 people apply. There are so many people who are expecting me to get into medical school. What do I do if I don’t? I’d be so embarrassed.

P   But you didn’t just get good marks. You got the highest mark sat school in every subject. If only I had grades like yours. And I’m sure you did your best. You always do! So anyway, what happened at your interview that you seem to think went so badly?

W   Well, I was so nervous I could hardly speak. I must have sounded like a mouse.

P   But they’re expecting people to be nervous. Who was interviewing you?

W   Oh, it was two senior doctors from the hospital plus a second-year medical student who’s studying on the course now.

P   Well, OK, but remember they’ve all done the same interview once. They must have understood how you were feeling.

W   I don’t know. Maybe. I’m still convinced that I did something wrong. Doctors have to be really confident, don’t they? I mean they have to tell the nurses what to do and they also have to make decisions that could mean life or death.

P   Well, I suppose…

W   And you can’t be nervous when you’re talking to a patient. I mean, can you imagine? If you were my patient and you said ‘Oh, Doctor Wendy, do you think I’ll be all right?’ and then you’d hear me saying ‘Oh, um, well, uh, l, uh, think you’ll, um, be fine!’

P   You don’t sound like that.

W   But –

P   Listen to me, Wendy- you don’t sound like that. I promise you. And anyway, what’s the worst thing that can happen? OK, let’s just imagine that you don’t geta place at medical school this year –

W   Oh!

P   Just imagining! Anyway, what would you do?

W   Um . . .

P   OK, well I know what I’d do- I’d apply again next year and I’d take advantage of the time off to do something really interesting. ln fact, I’d do something that I knew would help me in my interview next year.

W   Like what?

P   Well, you say you need more confidence, right? Well, do some research. Find out what you could do that will help you become more confident. I don’t know, like, you could try acting. Yes, what about that? You could get a job during the day and then in the evenings you could take part in a play or something. And don’t forget, that would only be if you didn’t get a place on the medical course. Which you will, of course.

W   Yeah, I suppose you’re right. Thanks, that’s really helpful. Actually, that reminds me, did you say there was something you wanted to ask me about?

P   Ah, yes, I’ve got an interview at the Business School at the university next week and I wanted to ask you to give me some advice. I mean, I’m not sure what kind of questions they are going to ask me.

W   Right, OK, well let’s have a think…

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