Exercise 1

Listen to a conversation between three friends on New Year’s Eve. Check (✓) the resolution each person makes and write their friends’ suggestions.


New Year’s resolutions


1  Edward

get a better job

start a project


2  Selena

have more energy

go back to school


3  Hannah

fix her relationship problems

spend more time on social media


Answers & Audioscripts

 start a project; cut down on distractions; go to the library for a few hours

 have more energy; exercise at home with an app; do outdoor exercise like hiking, swimming, or jogging

3   fix her relationship problems; take a break from work; take a couple hours off from her phone every night


Edward:   That food was delicious, you guys. How many years have we all spent New Year’s Eve together, Hannah?

Hannah:   Five years! I just posted our annual picture. Your mom already liked it, Selena.

Selena:   Of course she did! And now my favorite part: New Year’s resolutions! Edward?

Edward:   I need to stop procrastinating on my big project for grad school. I still haven’t started it because I get so easily distracted.

Hannah:   I’ve said this before, Edward, but you need to cut down on those distractions. How can you work with the TV on? And your roommate’s music! I could never put up with that.

Edward:   I know. It’s hard because I get along with him so well. But he is a big distraction. And well, you know how I love TV.

Selena:   Yeah, but you’d finish your project a lot faster without them. Have you thought about going to the library? Work hard for a few hours, then go home and watch all the TV you want!

Edward:   Hmm, that’s not a bad idea. I’ve never tried working at the library. What about you, Selena?

Selena:   I want the energy I used to have at school! Now I’m just always tired at work.

Hannah:   I think you need to exercise, Selena. You sit down all day at a desk and then go home and sit more. Of course you’re tired! I found this great app that has quick and effective exercises you can do in your living room!

Edward:   Yeah, but she needs to leave the living room. Selena, maybe you could start some outdoor exercise, like hiking, swimming, or jogging. You need to take better care of yourself.

Selena:   I hate jogging, but I’ve always liked swimming. You swim, don’t you, Edward?

Edward:   Yes, and I love it. Why don’t you come with me to the pool this week? Push yourself to start exercising three times a week, and I’ll push myself to go to the library.

Selena:   Perfect. That leaves us with Hannah, our social media queen.

Hannah:   Ugh, I need to come up with an idea to save my relationship. I think my boyfriend might break up with me.

Selena:   What happened?

Hannah:   He says I’m addicted to my phone and social media, but it’s my job! I’m a social media analyst! I have to constantly be online.

Edward:   Yeah, but you shouldn’t be working online ALL the time, Hannah. Everyone needs a break.

Selena:   What about taking a couple hours off from your phone every night?

Hannah:   Every night?

Edward:   Hannah, work is important, but it isn’t everything.

Hannah:   I just don’t want my work to suffer and lose my job.

Selena:   You’ll be better at your job if you’re not always working. Try it for a few nights.

Hannah:   Yeah, maybe you’re right. Guys, why can’t life be easy like it used to be?

Edward:   Like when we were 12?

Selena:   Welcome to being an adult! Happy New Year!

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