Exercise 1 – The story so far

Listen to the story of Mark and Allie. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   Mark met Allie in London two years ago.

2   He’s American and she’s British.

3   They work for MTV.

4   He invited her to San Francisco for a holiday.

5   They both got jobs in the new Paris office.

6   Mark is going to be Allie’s boss.

7   They are both in Paris now.


1 F (a year ago)

2 T

3 F (They work for MTC.)

4 F (for a conference)

5 T

6 F (Allie is going to be Mark’s boss.)

7 T



My name’s Allie Gray and I’m from Cambridge in England. I met Mark about a year ago. He’s from San Francisco. We both work for MTC, a music company. I was working in the London office and he came there on business. We got on really well and we really liked each other.

Anyway, at the end of his trip, he invited me to go to a conference in San Francisco. We had a great time again. And then something amazing happened. When I was in San Francisco, I was offered a job in our new office in Paris.

When I told Mark, he told me that he was going to work in the Paris office too!

There’s just one little thing. His job is marketing director – but mine is managing director – so I’m going to be his boss. I’ve been in Paris for three weeks now, and I love it. Mark arrived from San Francisco yesterday. He’s coming into the office this morning.

Exercise 2 – Meeting people

Listen and answer the question.

What do the people in the Paris office do?

Mark _______________

Allie _______________

Jacques _______________

Ben _______________

Nicole _______________


Allie is the managing director.

Mark is the marketing director.

Nicole is Allie’s personal assistant.

Jacques is the PR director and Ben is the designer.


M = Mark, N = Nicole, A = Allie, J = Jacques, B = Ben

M   Hi. I’m Mark Ryder.

 Ah, you’re the new marketing director.

M   That’s right.

 I’m Nicole Delacroix. I’m Allie’s personal assistant. Welcome to Paris!

M   Thank you.

 I’ll just tell Allie you’re here. Allie? Mark Ryder’s here. OK. You’re from San Francisco, aren’t you?

M   Yes, I am.

 Hello, Mark.

M   Allie. It’s good to see you again. How are you?

 Very well. Did you have a good journey?

M   Yes, fine, no problems.

 Let me introduce you to the team. You’ve met Nicole, my personal assistant?

M   Yes, we’ve said hello.

 This is Jacques Lemaître, our PR director.

J   How do you do?

 Mark Ryder. How do you do?

A   And this is Ben Watts, our designer.

 Hi, Mark.

M   Great to meet you, Ben.

 We’ve heard a lot about you.

M   Really? All good, I hope.

 OK. Shall we go to my office?

Exercise 3 – It’s a secret

A. Listen. What do Mark and Allie want to keep secret?

B. Listen again. Answer with M (Mark), A (Allie), or B (both).

1   Who thinks it’s strange that they’re together now?

2   Who missed the other person a lot?

3   Who thinks Nicole is very friendly?

4   Who thinks it’s going to be hard to keep their secret?

5   Who wants to find a flat?

6   Who’s thinking about work?



They want to keep their relationship a secret.


1 A   2 B   3 M   4 B   5 M   6 M


M = Mark, A = Allie

 What a lovely view! The river’s beautiful, isn’t it?

M   Paris is so romantic. I can’t believe we’re here together at last.

 Yes, it’s weird.

M   Weird? It’s wonderful. I really missed you.

 Me too.

M   Why don’t we sit down?

 So did you like the office?

M   Yes, it’s great. How do you get on with everyone?

 OK. But we’ll see. I’ve only been here three weeks. What did you think of them?

M   I thought Jacques was very nice, and Nicole…

 What about Nicole?

M   She was very friendly.

 You know we have to keep things a secret.

M   What things?

 You know, us. Our relationship, I don’t want the people in the office to know we’re together.

M   No, of course not. But it isn’t going to be easy.

 No, it isn’t. How’s the hotel?

M   It’s OK, I guess, but it’s not like having my own place. I have to find an apartment.

 Don’t worry. It won’t take you long. What are you thinking?

M   Do you really want to know? I was wondering what kind of a boss you’ll be.

 Well, you’ll find out tomorrow.

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