A. Number the steps for making the movie Rot from 1 to 7 in the order the director mentions them.

___ using crowdfunding to get money for the movie

___ trying to raise money for the movie by showing people the unfinished script

___ more and more people connecting with the film idea

___ scouting locations and talking to people

___ paying for part of the movie with his own money

___ having small ideas that connected with a number of other ideas

___ putting the movie in film festivals

B. Choose the correct answers according to the information in the video.

1   The director knew he had to make the movie when ____________.

      a   the ideas connected

      b   he realized it had a great metaphor

      c   everyone said it was a strong, moving idea

2   The director was ____________ as he was writing the first draft of the script.

      a   scouting locations and trying to raise money

      b   asking studios for money

      c   living in a cabin

3   One challenge a new director faces is getting ____________.

      a   support from family and friends

      b   funding for a movie

      c   good ideas to connect

4   The director found it surprising that so many people ____________.

      a   thought the movie sounded cool

      b   helped pay for an unknown movie

      c   were making inexpensive movies

5   By putting his movie in as many film festivals as possible, the director hopes to ____________.

      a   encourage studios to make his next movie

      b   get his message across

      c   win lots of awards

6   One problem for new filmmakers nowadays is that ____________.

      a   there are not a lot of good ideas left

      b   people donate smaller amounts of money

      c   it is harder to get noticed

C. Match the underlined words with the items to which they are referring.

a   the movie

b   get a movie noticed

 the first draft of the script

d   the first ideas for the movie

e   the main character

 universal themes

___ 1   “I wanted it to be touching.”

___ 2   “… but I wanted to do them in a more original way …”

___ 3   “… some of them go back over a year ago …”

___ 4   “… I thought that was a great metaphor for just what’s going on with him …”

___ 5   “So I would give it to people, and at this point it probably wasn’t that good …”

___ 6   “But I feel that with the right idea and the right story, there’s no reason why you can’t do it.”



5, 3, 6, 2, 4, 1, 7


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 b   5 a   6 c


1 a   2 f   3 d   4 e   5 c   6 b


Director:   The name of my movie is Rot. And essentially it’s the story of a man who is dying of this flesh-eating disease, who, uh, before he dies, goes out to this cabin to be alone and to reflect on his life and his . . . his past mistakes and his regrets.

The idea of the movie was just to . . . to make the most moving, engrossing story I could. I wanted it to be touching. I wanted people to really connect with the story and the characters. And basically, it’s a story of lost love – very universal themes that, uh, that I feel have been done before, but I wanted to do them in a more original way that they weren’t as formulaic and as clichéd as stuff that’s already been done, so, you know, I wanted to kind of give a fresh take on the same material.

It started more as just ideas that I’ve had. Uh, some of them go back over a year ago – just like a small, little idea that I thought was good, but not great, to actually pursue. But I knew it was a decent idea, so I held on to it, and then other ideas came. And finally, one day it just connected, you know, all the ideas.

The idea of a flesh-eating disease came about, and I thought that was a great metaphor for just what’s going on with him, you know, through this . . . this really dark time in his life. And when I started telling people about it, they thought that it was such a good idea that I really had no choice but to make the movie, because everyone knew that it was . . . it was a really powerful idea, really moving.

I’ve just always . . . I’ve always wanted to direct, and this was the idea that I felt was the best and actually worth doing. I started scouting locations, talking to people, trying to raise money – doing all these things as I was still writing the movie, so I was still in the process of writing it. So I would give it to people, and at this point it probably wasn’t that good because I was just, like . . . the first draft, and . . . like, alright, here, you know, here’s the idea. And slowly it would form and become more of a tighter movie, more compact, and . . . and much better.

Obviously studios aren’t going to give me money to go make a movie. An up-and-coming director – it’s just not going to happen.

The first part of Rot I, uh, funded myself with all my money. And unfortunately, when we got back in to complete it, I didn’t have any more money, so I had to turn to crowdfunding to raise the rest of it. And I thought that it was just going to be family and friends. But surprisingly, a lot of people did donate to the movie, that just came across it and . . . and just thought it looked cool. They liked the idea, and they believed in it. And that’s the only reason that they donated their money.

So many people did believe in the idea that it was easy getting help from so many different people. Everyone just kind of jumped on board and really connected with the idea. And people really believed in it, and they believed in me.

It used to be such an expensive proposition to make a movie that it was just impossible for . . . for up-and coming filmmakers like myself. But now, uh, through crowdfunding, it’s really, uh, it’s really made it easier for people that really have a strong idea to get in there and raise money, uh, and get people to believe in the project.

I want to put the movie in as many film festivals as possible. I want to use it as a calling card almost, so from there I can get my next movie made. You know, I want as many people to see this movie as possible. Now, obviously, I know that might not be the case. It might take some time to get it going. There’s so many filmmakers out there right now that it’s, it’s really hard to get your movie noticed. But I feel that with the right idea and the right story, there’s no reason why you can’t do it.

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