Exercise 1

A. Listen to Ben and Anna talk about shopping online and in stores. Choose their preference and write three positive aspects they mention about it.




Shopping preference

online   in stores

online   in stores

Positive aspects



Negative aspects



B. Listen again. Write two negative aspects they mention in the chart.



Ben: Shopping preference: online

Positive aspects: things are never sold out; there is a very wide selection; he gets a good price (because he can compare prices easily)

Anna: Shopping preference: in stores

Positive aspects: she can try on clothes; the personal touch of sales staff; a shopping trip is usually social



Negative aspects: shipping can be expensive; he has to wait for delivery, which can be unpredictable


Negative aspects: stores get crowded during sales; when a store doesn’t have what she needs, she has to go somewhere else


1   Ben

I definitely prefer shopping online because even if one retailer doesn’t have what I want, it’s likely that another retailer is going to have it. I rarely have to worry about things being completely sold out anymore.

And nothing can compare to the Internet in terms of selection. I love being able to buy things from anywhere in the country – or anywhere in the world! Of course, the farther away the store, the more I have to pay for shipping, which I have to admit is one drawback. It can be quite expensive sometimes. But I usually get a really good price because I’m able to compare prices so easily online – some websites even do it for you.

Basically, it’s a great way to shop, except for having to wait for delivery. That can be unpredictable, which bothers me, since I’m . . . I’m kind of an impatient person, I guess.

2   Anna

When it comes to shopping for clothes, I’m not an online shopper. I really need to try clothes on before I buy them to make sure they fit right. I’ve had some bad experiences buying clothes online, and in some cases, ended up having to return them.

And I really appreciate the personal touch of attentive sales staff that you get in a store. Some have a lot of experience and can be really helpful.

Of course, not everything about shopping in stores is perfect. For example, some of the stores I like can get incredibly crowded during big sales, which is really annoying. And when a store doesn’t have what I need, I have to go somewhere else, which wastes a lot of time.

That said, I still prefer shopping in stores because a shopping trip is usually social for me – a way to go out with friends and have fun.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to three radio advertisements. What products are they for? Write the name and type of each product in the chart in part B.

B. Listen again. What benefits of the products are highlighted in the ads? Complete the chart.


Name of product

Type of product
















1   Name of product: Healthy Go

      Type of product: energy drink

2    Name of product: Meow Chow

      Type of product: cat food

3    Name of product: Budget Talk

      Type of product: a smartphone and service plan



 It has a lot of vitamins and minerals. It gives you energy.

 It’s organic with pure, high-quality ingredients and nothing artificial added.

 The connection is fast and reliable. You get a free smartphone.



Mary:   Bill, are you sure you’re not too tired to keep working on our project?

Bill:   I am tired, but we have two more ads to write before our presentation in 10 hours. What can I do?

Mary:   Here, Bill, try some Healthy Go. Just one glass of this fantastic energy drink has the same amount of vitamins and minerals as 12 different fruits and vegetables.

Bill:   But this looks just like tomato juice!

Mary:   Try it!

Bill:   OK . . . Wow! I see what you mean. I feel so much better – energized!

Mary:   Good! Now we’re sure to get our presentation done on time!


Hailey:   Hi, Laura! What a surprise! Won’t you come in?

Laura:   Hi, Hailey! And hello to you, too, Mittens! Oh! Mittens is getting thin, isn’t she!

Hailey:   Yes, I’m afraid so. She just isn’t eating like she used to.

Laura:   What are you feeding her?

Hailey:   Oh, you know, whatever cat food is on sale.

Laura:   You should try Meow Chow. It’s a little more expensive than the other brands, but it’s organic, so it’s made only with pure, high-quality ingredients. Nothing artificial is ever added. And cats seem to really like it!

Hailey:   OK, Laura. I’ll give it a try! . . .

* * *

Hailey:   Hi, Laura!

Laura:   Hi, Hailey! And hello to you, too, Mittens. Oh, Hailey, doesn’t she look beautiful!

Hailey:   She’s got her appetite back, and she’s eating well again – thanks to you!

Laura:   You mean, thanks to Meow Chow!


Jake:   Argh, Sonia’s party has started by now. I can’t believe we got lost. Has the map loaded on your phone yet?

Erik:   No! I’m still waiting for it to come up. Sometimes it takes a really long time, especially out here in the country. In fact, I don’t think I’m even getting a connection right now.

Jake:   Don’t tell me you’re still using that same old phone service!

Erik:   I’m afraid so. I just can’t afford to upgrade to a better service.

Announcer:   Tired of your slow phone? Afraid of paying too much for a reliable, high-speed connection? Then a Budget Talk smartphone is just what you need. Our research shows that a Budget Talk connection is 10 times faster than the average connection. What’s more, Budget Talk guarantees you a fast, reliable connection, even in rural areas.

Enrolling in a Budget Talk service plan is simple. And we’ll even give you a Budget Talk smartphone absolutely free, just for signing up.

Do you have the need for speed? Then sign up for a Budget Talk service plan today.

Exercise 3

Listen to a conversation between two friends. Then check (✓) true or false.




1   The new supermarket is more expensive.

2   Tami prefers to buy fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

3   Tami doesn’t eat food that’s sprayed with chemicals.

4   Fruit from the supermarket may have been picked weeks before.

5   Tami refuses to go to the new supermarket to shop.


1 False   2 True   3 True   4 True   5 False


Frances:   Hey Tami, have you been to the new Cut-Rate Supermarket on 24th Street?

Tami:   Nah, I heard about it but I haven’t been. I don’t like big supermarkets.

Frances:   Why not? The prices are so good. Everything is so cheap! You can buy huge packages of vegetables for half the price of what you would find in a regular supermarket.

Tami:   Yeah, but what about the quality of the food? I prefer to buy organic produce from local farmers at the farmer’s market.

Frances:   But that stuff is so expensive, Tami.

Tami:   Yeah, but I know what I’m getting! I know that the food I’m eating doesn’t have harmful chemicals sprayed on it, or that it didn’t spend two weeks on a truck before I bought it.

Frances:   Huh? You mean the produce in the supermarket may be that old?

Tami:   Yeah, like many fruits, for example, are picked while they’re still green, so that they ripen while they’re being transported. That can be a long time. I prefer to eat fruit that is fresh from the tree. Produce that isn’t eaten right after it’s picked can lose its nutritional value.

Frances:   I didn’t know that.

Tami:   And you know, I think it’s just better to buy food from the people who grew it.

Frances:   That makes a lot of sense. But what about stuff like cereal and cookies … you know, packaged food?

Tami:   Well, I usually get that from the corner store. It’s expensive, though.

Frances:   Listen, I know you’re on a budget, Tami. We both are. You should at least try the new Cut-Rate supermarket. You could buy your packaged food there and your produce from the farmer’s market.

Tami:   Good idea. Next time you go, let me know. I’ll go with you.

Frances:   Great! I’ll give you a call.

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