Now listen to what happened next and answer the questions.

1   What happened to Mrs Johnson in the end? Did Trisha Goddard do the right thing?

2   What happened to Peter in the end? Did his mother do the right thing?


1   When Trisha put her arms around Mrs Johnson’s waist and pulled hard inwards and upwards the piece of steak came out. Trisha did exactly the right thing.

2   Peter started coughing after his mother managed to touch the tomato with her fingers, and the tomato came out. His mother did the right thing hitting him on the back, but should not have put her fingers down his throat.



When I saw the lady’s face, I knew it was really serious. Her face was starting to turn blue. I put my arms around her waist and I pulled hard in and up three times, and the piece of steak came out. Then I just put my arm round the lady and gave her a hug.

I knew exactly what to do because before I started to work as a television presenter, I used to be a flight attendant. We were taught a lot about first aid. The technique I used is called the Heimlich manoeuvre and it’s what you should do when someone is choking. I must admit I was a bit embarrassed by all the attention I got in the restaurant and then the next day the story was in all the newspapers. But I’m very glad I was there to help. And maybe this story will make people think about learning first aid. I really think it’s something which should be taught at school. It’s so important!


I knew I was hurting Peter, but I carried on pushing my fingers down his throat. I managed to touch the tomato with two of my fingers and I was able to move it a little. That was enough – Peter started coughing and the tomato came out.

But I was very lucky. Afterwards, I found out that my ignorance of first aid had nearly killed my son. Hitting Peter on the back was OK, but putting my fingers down his throat was a big mistake. I could have pushed the tomato even further down his throat and he could have died. I’d made every mistake possible and I nearly killed him because of my ignorance. I should have called an ambulance immediately, because I don’t know first aid, and the ambulance staff would have told me exactly what to do … and what not to do.

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