1. Listen. True or false?

a   Mr Radinski has not driven before.

b   Mr Radinski’s father is a farmer.

c   Mr Radinski never had any problems driving before this lesson.

d   Mr Radinski hits a pedestrian at a roundabout.

e   The pedestrian is a woman.

f   Mr Radinski hits a lorry at a roundabout.

g   Mr Radinski is a good driver.

2. Listen again. Complete the map showing where the impact took place. Use the following symbol for the car which Mr Radinski was driving.



a F   b T   c F   d F   e T   f T   g F



INSTRUCTOR:   Well now, Mr … er … Radinski, have you ever driven a car before? … You have? … On your father’s farm … bur you crashed into the gate and it had to be repaired … and the radiator needs replacing because you drove into a wall … and your father is buying some new wing mirrors because you drove too close to the fence … how interesting … yes, I hope it will be easier now too, Mr Radinski.

Right, let’s start … OK? … Adjust your rear-view mirror … good … and what about your wing mirrors? Where? You see that button there, do you see? Yes, that one … excellent … Now make sure the car is in neutral yes, that’s right. Now switch on the engine … that’s good … Er, you can take your foot off the accelerator now, Mr Radinski … good … Now indicate to the right … yes it’s that little stick thing yes, you do pull it downwards yes, Mr Radinski, a little bit like that, but you didn’t need to use quite so much force really … yes, I’m sure we can get a new one. Now then, put your foot on the clutch … good … and put the engine into first gear … good. Now press down on the accelerator … no, you don’t have to exaggerate … that’s better. Release the handbrake … a bit more … good, very good … Accelerator … check the rear-view mirror … good … accelerator … accelerator, Mr Radinski, accelerator. Come all … yes, that’s better now. Er, clutch … second gear … foot off the clutch and accelerate … oh good, Mr Radinski, very good, very good indeed. Now speed up a bit … Er, you see that woman crossing the road … Mr Radinski, that woman? Crossing the road? Mr Radinski? I think you should stop. Mr Radinski, stop … stop … STOP!

Yes, Mr Radinski, it is a good thing she jumped out of the way … Concentrate on the road, please … good … Now as you can see, we are coming to a roundabout so we’ll need to slow down and that means putting your foot on the brake and the clutch. OK? … Brake and clutch … Mr Radinski? … Mr Radinski? … There’s a lorry on the roundabout … right in front of us … not the accelerator, Mr Radinski, the brake … the brake, Mr Radinski … the brake … the clutch … the brake! The brake! … The brake …

Yes, yes, Mr Radinski … the truck driver was very rude … Yes, I agree, he used some very bad words … Yes, it was very unkind of him to suggest that you needed your head examining … Yes, I’m sure he would have been more sympathetic if he had remembered what it was like to learn to drive … Yes, you’re right, we can always get a new car … Yes, Mr Radinski, I think we are going to have to walk home. Yes, yes, Mr Radinski. That is the end of this lesson.

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