A. Now listen to a Metropolitan Police podcast. Complete the headings.

Stay safe

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   What should you plan in advance?

2   Why is it important to look confident?

3   What three things shouldn’t you do on the street on a cell phone?

4   Why kinds of things should you keep out of sight?

5   Why should you walk facing oncoming traffic?

6   What three things make places safer to walk at night?

7   What should you do during an evening when you’re out with friends?

8   Why shouldn’t you get into a stranger’s car at an airport?



1 prepared   2 assertive   3 aware   4 Hide   5 against

6 instincts   7 plan   8 trouble


1   Your route

2   It makes you appear in control and less vulnerable.

3   Call, message, look up information

4   Your phone, camera, iPod, jewelry

5   It makes it more difficult for thieves on bikes to ride up behind you and snatch your bag.

6   A lot of activity, good lighting, security cameras

7   Make a plan of what you would do if something went wrong, agree on a backup plan, keep an eye on each other during the evening.

8   Illegal drivers often don’t have a valid driver’s license and they overcharge passengers.


Stay safe

Street crime is often unplanned, so making yourself less of a target, moving with purpose, and being aware of your surroundings will go a long way to keeping you safe when you’re out and about. Here are eight important pieces of advice.

1: Be prepared. Always plan your route in advance. Carry a fully charged cell phone and some cash, and tell someone where you’re going.

2: Be assertive. From the moment you step out onto the street in the morning, you need to look assertive and act and walk with confidence. This will always make you appear in control and you will seem much less vulnerable.

3: Be aware. Using a cell phone, whether you’re calling, messaging, or looking up information, reduces your awareness of your surroundings. So does listening to loud music on headphones, or wearing a hooded jacket or sweatshirt.

4: Hide it. Keep your valuables hidden either in a bag or under your clothes. This includes your phone, other devices such as cameras or tablets, and jewelry. Remember – out of sight, out of mind.

5: Go against the flow. When you’re walking on the sidewalk, always face towards the oncoming traffic. This will make it more difficult for thieves on two wheels to ride up from behind and snatch your bag. But, don’t forget to still be aware of anyone approaching from ahead of you.

6: Trust your instincts. At night, try to avoid walking alone in places such as parks and quiet side streets, or in fact, in any area you don’t know. If you do have to walk, keep to busy places where there is a lot of activity, good lighting, and security cameras. And if you’re on public transportation, it’s much better to travel with people you know or stick to routes that other people are using.

7: Make a plan. Discuss with friends what to do if something were to go wrong on your night out together, for example, if you were to get separated. Agree on a backup plan and keep an eye on each other during the evening. And stick to what you’ve agreed.

8: Look out for trouble. If a stranger offers you a ride, don’t accept it, even if you’re tired, or running late for an appointment. Be careful whose car you get into, especially at airports or train stations. Illegal drivers often don’t have a valid driver’s license and they overcharge passengers. Don’t accept a ride from someone you don’t know, especially when you can call a trustworthy ride-sharing service.

Stay safe!

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