A. You are going to listen to a radio quiz show Use your senses, where contestants have to identify the mystery food and the mystery drink, a mystery object, and a mystery sound. Listen once and write what you think the answers are.

1   ______________

2   ______________

3   ______________

4   ______________

B. Listen again and complete the phrases.

Mystery drink

It smells __________________.

It smells a bit __________________.

Mystery food

It tastes a bit __________________.

It tastes quite __________________.

Mystery object

It feels like __________________.

It definitely feels __________________.

Mystery sound

It sounds like __________________.

It sounds __________________.


Mystery drink

It smells fruity.

It smells a bit like orange juice.

Mystery food

It tastes a bit like chicken.

It tastes quite light.

Mystery object

It feels like a coin.

It definitely feels metallic.

Mystery sound

It sounds like thunder.

It sounds very distant.


P = presenter, J = Joanna, S = Steve

P   And welcome to tonight’s edition of Use your senses. First with us we have Joana and Steve from Stepney.

J & S   Hi / hello.

P   Now, the blindfold’s on – you can’t see anything, can you?

J & S   No, nothing at all.

P   Right so first the mystery drink. Remember you can smell it but you can’t taste it… starting… now!

J    It doesn’t really smell of anything.

S   It smells fruity to me, not very strong but definitely fruity.

J    Yeah, it smells a bit like orange juice but sweeter.

S   It must be (beep) then. Let’s say that then. (beep)

P   OK so now the food. This you can taste, but you can’t see of course… ready… now!

J    Well, it’s meat, isn’t it? It tastes a bit like chicken but I don’t think it is chicken.

S   I don’t think I’ve had it before – the texture isn’t quite like chicken – it tastes quite light, I don’t think it’s duck…

P   You’ve got ten more seconds…

J    It must be (beep). Let’s go for (beep).

S   OK.

P   Now the object.

S   It feels like a coin.

J    Can I feel it? Yes, it definitely feels metallic, but it’s completely smooth – it doesn’t seem to have any markings – oh, it’s got two tine little holes in the middle. I know, it’s a (beep).

S   That’s it.

P   So now we’re going to take off the blindfolds – there we are.

J & S   Thanks / That’s better.

P   And now to the second effect. I’m going to play you a sound and you’ve got to decide what it is you’re hearing. Remember you can hear it twice only. Ready? Now…

S   It sounds like thunder to me.

J    Well, maybe, but it sounds very distant. Could it be a train?

S   No, I think it’s something natural, you know not a machine. Can we hear it again, please?

P   Of course.

S   Yes, I think it’s (beep). What do you think?

J    Could be. I’ll go with that.

P   Right. Time’s up. So now, the moment of truth. Did Steve and Joanna get it right? Remember you need all the answers right to win today’s prize. Our assistant Venessa will give us the answers, a round of applause for Vanessa.

C. Now listen to the answers. Were you right?


Well, we’ll start with the sound effect, and Steve and Joanna said they thought it was horses galloping… and that was right. Our mystery object today – well, Steve and Joanna said… a button… and that was the right answer, so congratulations again. The mystery drink. What did they think it was?… Yes, it was pineapple juice. And finally the mystery food. Steven and Joanna said turkey. So was it turkey? No, it was… rabbit. So I’m afraid it’s goodbye to Steve and Joanna. Give them a big round of applause.

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