A. You’re going to listen to four people talking about high-risk sports. Write the number of each speaker next the risk sport(s) below.

1 Agne   2 Anne   3 Mark   4 Ray

bungee jumping   ___ ___

climbing   ___ ___

horse-riding   ___ ___

parachuting   ___ ___

potholing / caving   ___ ___

skiing   ___ ___

snowboarding   ___ ___

white-water rafting   ___ ___

B. Listen again. Who…?

1   isn’t quite sure what is / isn’t a risk sport.

2   wasn’t very good at the activity they tried

3   talks about a risk sport they would like to try

4   is the most enthusiastic about their experience



climbing 4 (Ray)

parachuting 3 (Mark)

potholing / caving 2 (Anne), 4 (Ray)

skiing 1 (Agne)

white-water rafting 4 (Ray)


1 Ray   2 Agne   3 Anne (skiing)   4 Mark


I = interviewer, Ag = Agne, A = Anne, M = Mark, R = Ray


I       Have you ever done any high-risk sports or activities?

AG   Yeah, I’ve done skiing.

I       What was it like?

AG   It was pretty difficult because it’s difficult to coordinate. So it was scary and it was funny, and it was just making a fool of myself.


  Have you ever done any high-risk sports or activities?

A   Not really, no, except for potholing, but that was in my younger days.

 What was it like?

A   I wouldn’t say it was particularly high-risk, but it was a very enjoyable experience.

 Is there anything you’d like to try?

A   I’ve always wanted to try skiing. I’ve never done it, but I think that would be exciting – to go skiing and to go down the mountains free and what have you, but I think I’m a bit old now.


   Have you ever done any high-risk sports or activities?

M   Yeah, I’ve jumped out of a plane.

   What was it like?

M   Oh, it was awesome! You see the ground below you and the plane door opens and you’re suddenly… the distance goes like from there to there as soon as the door opens you’re suddenly, you know, you’re hurtling towards the ground, you know, at a couple of hundred miles an hour or whatever. And your chute opens and you get sucked back up into the sky. It’s kinda cool.


  Have you ever done any high-risk sports or activities?

R   I’ve climbed, I’ve caved, I’ve white-water rafted down the Zambezi. Do they count?

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