Listen to the two journalists talking after the first treatment and write the information in the chart. Listen again to check. Repeat for the second and third treatments.





marks out of 10


marks out of 10


1 The body polish





2 The facial





3 The foot treatment








Marks / reasons

The body polish

0: Horrible, uncomfortable; fruit is for eating.

The facial

4: Boring, long, too many creams

The foot treatment

9: His feet look great!



Marks / reasons

The body polish

10: Smelled good, relaxing, etc.

The facial

9: Enjoyed it. Skin feels great / healthy

The foot treatment

9: A luxury, great nail colour.


V = Voice-over, J = Joanna, S = Stephen


V   1 The body polish

  So? What did you think?

S   It was just horrible! Horrible. Fruit’s for eating, not for putting on your body. It was hot and sticky and incredibly uncomfortable. And I felt so stupid. I’d never have that again. I give it zero out of ten.

  Sticky? It was fruit for goodness sake! I thought it was wonderful. It smells so good and it was incredibly relaxing. I mean how could anybody not like it? And the head massage was divine! That was one of my favourite spa treatments ever. Ten out of ten. OK, so now, the facial.

S   Hmm. How long is this one?

  One hour 40 minutes.

S   Oh you’re joking? That’s too long.

 Too long? It’ll be heaven. See you later.


V   2 The facial

S   Oh that was so boring. It went on forever.

  I loved it.

S   Well, I must admit my face feels different – much smoother. But I’m not sure I really want a smooth face. And it was nearly two hours and she used about 12 different creams and things. It normally only takes me a minute to wash my face – and I just use soap and water – the therapist said I ought to buy five different products!

  Well, I enjoyed every second. My skin feels great – really healthy. I give it nine out of ten.

S   Hmm… I give it four.

  Your problem was that you were hungry so you couldn’t relax. We could have a fruit juice before the last treatment…

S   A fruit juice? Oh, OK then… if you really want one.


V   3 The foot treatment

S   Wow!

 Don’t tell me you liked it!

S   It was wonderful!

 I must say, your feet look… well, better. Clean anyway.

S   Well, I’ve never liked my feet much to be honest, but now they look great. That was definitely worth the time and money. Nine out of ten. What do you think?

 Yes, it was great. A real luxury. And I love the colour they painted my nails. I agree – nine out of ten. You see…

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