Exercise 1 – How to get there

Listen and answer the questions.

Where is the flat that Mark is going to see?

What’s the best way to get there?

How is Mark going to get there?


The flat is in Belleville.

The best way to go is by metro.

Mark is going to drive there with Nicole.


M = Mark, J = Jacques, N = Nicole

M   Where exactly is it? …I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. OK. How far is it? …OK, OK. Merçi. Au revoir.

   Any luck?

M   I think I’ve found an apartment … How do I get to Belleville?

   The easiest way is to get the metro at Pyramides. Take line 14 and change at Châtelet.

M   OK.

   Then take Line 11 towards Mairie des Lilas.

M   Where do I get off?

   At Belleville.

M   How many stops is it?

   Six, I think.

M   Oh, right, I’ve found it on the map. How long does it take to get there?

   About half an hour.

N   Have you found a flat?

M   Yeah … in Belleville this time.

  When are you going to see it?

M   This afternoon.

  If you can wait till six, I’ll give you a lift. I live near Belleville so I’m driving that way.

M   That’s great. Thanks.

Exercise 2 – What’s going on?

A. Listen. Does Mark decide to rent the flat?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the flat?

2   What two lies does Mark tell? Why? Do you think Nicole believes him?



Yes, he does.


1    Advantages: It’s got a great view, it has character, it’s very Parisian.

      Disadvantages: It’s a long way from the station, it’s on the 4th floor and there’s no lift, it’s noisy, everything’s old (including the heating).

2    He tells Allie he’s with the owner of the flat because he doesn’t want her to know he’s with Nicole. He tells Nicole that it was his daughter on the phone, because he doesn’t want her to know Allie phoned him. Nicole probably doesn’t believe him.


L = Landlady, M = Mark, A = Allie, N = Nicole

  This is the apartment. Je vous laisse visiter. Je serai en bas.

M   Merçi, madame. Sorry, Nicole. What did she say?

  She said that we can have a look at the flat. She’s going to wait downstairs.

M   Thanks. So, what do you think?

  Well, it’s a long way from the station. And it’s on the fourth floor. It’s a pity there isn’t a lift.

M   Who needs one? The stairs are good exercise. Looks, there’s a great view from here.

  It’s also very noisy.

M   Sure, but it has character. It’s just how I imagined an apartment in Paris.

  Everything’s old, including the heating. It will be very cold in the winter.

M   Oh, hi.

  [on phone] Well, what’s it like?

M   Nice – really Parisian.

  Are you going to take it?

M   I think so, yeah…

  I can’t wait to see it!

M   Yeah …

  Are you OK? Are you on your own?

M   No, I’m with the woman who owns the apartment. I’ll call you back.

  OK, speak later. Love you.

M   Love you too, bye. Sorry about that. That was … that was my … my daughter.

  Calling from America?

M   You know. She’s just taking an interest.

N   Taking an interest. That’s nice.

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