Listening Topic: Psychology – Personal interviews

A. Listen to the personal interviews about some results of the survey on quality of life. Write two things that each person enjoys.

1   Julia:        _______________   _______________

2   Leo:         _______________   _______________

3   Annie:      _______________   _______________

4   Robert:   _______________   _______________

B. Listen to the conversations again. Circle the correct word or phrase to complete each statement.


 She has about (an hour and a half/a half-hour) drive to and from work.

 She likes to (listen to the radio or music/have silence) when she drives.

 She plays the guitar at least (three times/four times) a week.

 She plays (with friends and alone/only with friends).


 He says there is (a lot of/very little) difference between work and play for him.

 He (plays computer games/watches TV) when he is not working.

 He is developing a new (software program/computer game) with a friend.

 He (likes/doesn’t like) socializing.


 She enjoys (a few/many) sports.

 She participates in (team and individual sports/team sports only).

 She likes her work as a (coach/teacher) more.

 She (never/sometimes) watches TV in the evening.


1   He likes doing dishes because it’s (relaxing/an unusual activity).

2   He often (plans his day/finds solution to problems) while washing dishes.

3   He has a job that (is stressful/he loves).

4   On weekends, he (brings office work home/enjoys bicycling).



1   Julia: driving, playing guitar

2   Leo: working on computers, socializing

3   Annie: participating in sports, coaching sports

4   Robert: doing dishes, fixing up his house, bicycling



 an hour and a half

 listen to the radio or music

 three times

4   with friends and alone


 very little

 plays computer games

 computer game




 team and individual sports




1   relaxing

2   finds solution to problems

3   is stressful

4   enjoys bicycling


A = Interviewer, B = Julia

A:   OK, Julia. Now, from your responses it looks like, of the daily activities like housework and driving, you’ve rated driving as giving you quite high levels of enjoyment, motivation, and concentration.

B:   Yes, I was surprised when I looked at my answers too. I wouldn’t have expected it, but now I realize that driving is actually usually pleasant for me I mean, obviously not when there’s a huge traffic jam or anything, but otherwise I enjoy it. I concentrate on driving, which usually means that I can’t worry about all my everyday concerns and problems. I have about a half-hour drive to and from work, so it allows me to get ready for work on the way there and then relax and wind down on the way home. I’m by myself and I usually listen to music or interesting programs on the radio. So, I guess, all in all, it’s a pretty pleasant experience for me.

A:   Another activity with high ratings was doing a hobby. You indicate that you play the guitar?

B:   Yes. I was thinking of that when I answered the questions. I usually play the guitar at least three times a week. I play in a group with friends, and I play by myself, too. I have to concentrate when I play, and I’m usually motivated too – I don’t want to make a lot of mistakes when I play with my friends. I just love playing. When we get going on a new song, I just forget everything else that’s going on.

A:   Overall, doing housework didn’t rate very high.

B:   No. Housework of any kind isn’t a favorite for me.

B = Leo

A:   It looks like working with computers rated highly for you, Leo. Do you work with computers at your job, or is it a hobby?

B:   Actually, both. I just love computers so much that there isn’t really that much difference between work and play for me when it comes to computers. Computer programming is my job, but I also play a lot of computer games when I’m not working. A friend and I are actually working on developing our own game to sell. I guess some people might see that as work, but for us it’s fun. We get together and start discussing it or working on it, and we can go for hours and hours without stopping. We sometimes stay up until three or four in the morning if we’re trying to solve a problem or something.

A:   Well, speaking of friends, it also looks like you rate socializing highly too.

B:   Yes. It might be a little surprising since many people think that people who love computers don’t socialize, but my friends are really important to me, and we get together a lot. Of course, we talk about computers an awful lot, but we talk about other things, too.

B = Annie

A:   OK, it seems like you enjoy really active things, Annie?

B:   Yes, definitely. I like almost any kind sport, really, and I do them as much as possible. Soccer, tennis, running, whatever.

A:   Do you prefer individual or team sports?

B:   Well, both, really. It depends on the mood I’m in. I play soccer at least once a week, so that’s a team sport. But then, I also run about three times a week, and that’s something I do alone. So I guess it’s probably pretty much a mix of both.

A:   What about your job? You’ve rated it in the middle.

B:   Yeah. I’m an elementary school teacher, and I like that, but then I also coach some school sports teams: basketball and soccer. I get enjoyment from teaching, but I think I like coaching more.

A:   What about activities that are less active? Do you participate in any?

B:   Not very often. I’m home a few evenings a week, and sometimes I sit down and watch TV, but it’s not all that often.

B = Robert

A:   So, Robert, a lot of people don’t find pleasure in housework, but it looks like you rate washing dishes pretty high.

B:   Yes, I know it might seem a little strange. I’m an executive with a high-pressure job. I’m busy all the time, and I like doing dishes? But, it’s relaxing for me, and it often turns out to be good thinking time. I’m surprised at how often I come up with solutions to problems while I’m washing dishes. Then, it’s always satisfying when I’m washing dishes. Then, it’s always satisfying when I finish and everything is completely clean.

A:   It looks like work – your job – has a medium rating.

B:   Yes. As I said, I have a pretty high-pressure job. I like it and I’m good at it, but it’s challenging, and the stress gets to me. So I’m usually really happy when the weekends come.

A:   And what do you like to do on weekends?

B:   Well, I’m pretty busy. I have an old house that I’m fixing up. I’m doing all the work myself, so there’s always something to do on that. I enjoy bicycling too, and since I don’t have a lot of time during the week, I try to ride a lot on weekends.

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