Exercise 1

A. Listen to Jenny and Monica. What’s Monica’s news?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   Who’s Scott?

2   When did they get engaged?

3   Who has Monica told the news to?

4   What did she use to do a lot at night? What does she do now?

5   Who’s going to organize the wedding?

6   What does Jenny tell Monica about her relationship with Rob?

7   What does Monica think about Rob being British?



She has got engaged. / She and her boyfriend are getting married.


 Monica’s fiancé / Monica’s future husband

 A few days ago

 Only family

 She used to go clubbing; now she stays in and reads wedding magazines.

 The two mothers want to organize the wedding.

 That they haven’t been together long.

 She thinks it will be hard for Jenny to persuade him to stay in New York.


J = Jenny, M = Monica

J      Monica!

M   Jenny!

J      Wow! How are you? You look great!

M   Thanks, Jenny! You look really good, too.

J      Hey, why don’t we get some coffee?

M   I’d love to, but I’m on the way to meet…oh, come on. Five minutes!


J      So, how is everything?

M   Oh, great. Things couldn’t be better, actually. Scott and I…we’re getting married!

J      You’re what? Congratulations!

M   Thank you!

J      When did you get engaged?

M   Only a few days ago. I’m glad I saw you, actually. I was going to call you. We’ve only told family so far.

J      I can’t believe it. Monica the wife! And to think you used to go clubbing every night!

M   Well, that was a few years ago! All I want to do now is stay in and read wedding magazines.

J      And how are the plans coming along?

M   I haven’t done anything yet. My mom and Scott’s mom want to organize the whole thing themselves!

J      That’s what mothers are for!

M   True. But what about you? You look fantastic.

J      Well, I guess I’m kind of happy, too.

M   Uh-huh. What’s his name?

J      Rob.

M   You’ve been keeping him very quiet! Is it serious?

J      Erm, it’s kind of, you know…

M   So it is!

J      It’s still early. We haven’t been together for long. He only moved here a few months ago from London.

M   What? He’s British? And you think you can persuade him to stay in New York? That won’t be easy!

J      I think he likes it here. You know how guys are – you never know what they’re thinking.

M   When can I meet him?

J      Er…that’s him now.

Exercise 2

A. Listen. What favour does Rob ask Jenny?

B. Listen again and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). Correct the F sentences.

 Rob orders a cappuccino.

 Rob says Monica looks different from her photos.

 Monica gets a good impression of Rob.

4   Monica leaves because she has to go to work.

 Jenny says that most of their friends aren’t in serious relationships.

 Paul is going to stay for a fortnight.

 Paul used to be very quiet when they were younger.

 Jenny is keen to meet Paul.



He asks Jenny to meet his friend, Paul, at the airport and to take him back to his flat.


1 F (He orders a large latte.)

2 F (He says she hasn’t changed.)

3 T

4 F (She needs to meet someone.)

5 F (She says most of their friends are getting married.)

6 F (He is going to stay for a week.)

7 F (He used to be a bit wild.)

8 T


R = Rob, M = Monica, W = waiter, J = Jenny

  Do you mind if I join you?

M   Of course not. Come on, sit down.

  Thank you.

M   I have to leave in a minute, anyway.

  Could I have a large latte, please?

W   Of course.

J      Rob, this is Monica.

M   Nice to meet you, Rob.

  You too, Monica. You know, Jenny talks about you a lot. And I’ve seen college photos of you two together, at Jenny’s parents’ house.

J      Of course you have – my dad’s photos.

  You’ve hardly changed at all.

M   What a nice man! I can see why you like him, Jenny. The perfect English gentleman.

W   Your latte.

  Oh, thanks. Can you pass the sugar?

J      Sure.

M   Sorry, guys, but I have to go.

  You’re sure I haven’t interrupted anything?

M   Not at all. It’s just that I have to meet someone. But let’s get together very soon.

J      We will!

M   Bye, Rob. Nice meeting you.


J      Bye. Talk soon!

  She seems like a happy person.

J      She is, especially right now – she’s getting married.

  That’s fantastic news!

J      Yeah, it is. I guess we’re at that age now when most of our friends are settling down and getting married.

R   Yeah…Oh, speaking of friends, I want to ask you a favour. Is it OK if we change our plans a bit this week?

    Er…sure. What’s up?

R    I’ve just had a call from an old friend of mine, Paul. I haven’t seen him since we were at university, and he’s travelling around the States at the moment. Anyway, he’s arriving in New York this evening and, er…I’ve invited him to stay for the week.

    Cool! It’ll be fun to meet one of your old friends! What’s he like?

R    Oh, Paul’s a laugh. He used to be a bit wild, but that was a long time ago. He’s probably changed completely.

J      Well, I’m looking forward to meeting him.

R    Just one other thing. Could you do me a big favour? I have to work late this evening, so…would you mind meeting him at the airport?

   Not at all. I’d like to meet him.

R    And do you think you could take him to my flat? I’ll give you the keys.

   No problem, Rob.

R    Thanks so much, Jenny. You’re a real star.

Exercise 3

A. Listen. How do Rob and Jenny feel about Paul’s arrival?

B. Listen again and circle the correct answer.

1   Paul’s appearance has changed a lot / hasn’t changed much.

2   His flight was on time / late.

3   On the journey from the airport, Paul talked a lot about himself / asked Jenny a lot of personal questions.

4   Rob suggests eating in / eating out.

5   Paul feels exhausted / full of energy.

6   Jenny feels like / doesn’t feel like going out.



Rob is delighted to see him. Jenny seems tired and not very enthusiastic.


1 hasn’t changed much   2 late   3 talked a lot about himself

4 eating in   5 full of energy   6 doesn’t feel like


P = Paul, R = Rob, J = Jenny

P   Hey, man!

R   Paul!

P   It’s great to see you, mate.

R   You too, Paul. It’s been years. You haven’t changed at all.

P   Just got better looking!

R   How come you’re so late?

  Paul’s flight from LA was delayed. And then the traffic coming back was just awful.

P   But that gave us time to get to know each other.

  Yeah. Paul told me all about his travels. Every detail.

P   And look at this. Your own New York flat. How cool is that?

R   It’s good. Really good. But – do you want something to eat? I got some things on my way home.

P   Stay in? It’s my first night in the Big Apple! Let’s go out and have a pizza or something.

R   I thought you’d be tired after the flight.

P   No way, man! I’m ready for action.

R   Great! I’ll get my jacket.

  Rob, I think I’ll go home if you don’t mind. I, uh, I’m exhausted.

R   Oh, OK, then.

P   So it’s a boys’ night out!

R   Just like the old days!

P   And after the pizza, we can go on somewhere else. Rob, we’ve got a lot to talk about!

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