A. Listen. Who do they see in the Louvre?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   Has Mark been to the Louvre before?

2   Why isn’t he very happy?

3   What does Allie say about the meeting?

4   What two theories about the Mona Lisa does Allie mention?

5   What’s Mark’s theory?

6   Why do they leave in a hurry?



They see Ben.


 No, it’s his first time.

 Because Allie agreed with Jacques’s idea at the meeting.

 That she had to do her job / She really thought Jacques’s idea was better.

 That she was the wife of a banker / That she’s a self-portrait of Leonardo.

 That she’s the director of a music company!

 Because they don’t want Ben to see them.


A = Allie, M = Mark

A   It’s great to be on our own again.

M   Yeah.

A   Is this the first time you’ve been to the Louvre?

M   Uh huh.

A   What’s the matter? Is this about the meeting? Because I agreed with Jacques and not with you?

M   Yeah, well, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. Working together, I mean.

A   It’s difficult for me as well. But if I don’t agree with you, …

M   I know, I know, you’re the boss.

A   And I have to do my job. I really thought that Jacques’s idea was better. And so did Scarlett.

M   It’s not a big deal, Allie. I’m fine, really. So who exactly was the Mona Lisa?

A   I’m not sure. I think she was the wife of a banker…

M   Is that why she’s smiling? Because her husband has a good salary?

A   I also read somewhere that she was a self-portrait of Leonardo.

M   A self-portrait? You’re kidding. Now I don’t know much about art, but Leonardo Da Vinci was a man, right?

A   Well, it’s just a theory. Why do you think she’s smiling?

M   Well, in my opinion, she’s the managing director of a music company.

A   What?

M   She lives in Paris, she’s in love with her marketing director, and she has a lot of fun telling him what to do.

A   That’s really unfair!

M   Hey, we’re not in the office now – you can’t tell me I’m wrong! Let’s get a coffee.

A   Good idea.

M   Don’t turn round!

A   What is it?

M   I’ve just seen Ben from the office.

A   Where?

M   I said don’t look! I don’t think he’s seen us. Let’s get out of here. Come on.

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