Exercise 1

Listen to the conversation. What was an important turning point for Jim? for Luke?

Answers & Audioscripts

A turning point for Jim was when he became a parent. A turning point for Luke was when he joined the basketball team.


Luke:   So that was a turning point in your life.

Jim:   One of them. But the most important was becoming a parent. When your cousin Bella was born, my life changed completely, and I changed, too. Before that, I never used to worry about the future. But then I realized I was responsible for another person and that made me take life more seriously. What about you? Have you had any life changing experiences yet?

Luke:   Well . . . I guess making the basketball team really changed my life. For the first time, other people really depended on me to do my best. Since I’m an only child, I hadn’t had much experience working with others before I joined the team.

Jim:   That’s great.

Luke:   Yeah, I learned how to be a team player and not be so selfish. And our team, we really grew up together over the past four years. It was so rewarding when our hard work paid off, and we won the championship last year!

Exercise 2

A. Listen to three people describe important events in their lives. Complete the chart.


Turning point

How it affected him or her

1  Nari



2  Anthony



3  Karina



B. Listen again. What do three people have in common?

Answers & Audioscripts

Parts A and B

1   Nari: she bought a cell phone; she knew she was going to be OK with her English and get her dream job in Boston

2   Anthony: he started getting his own clients; he became serious about working for himself

3   Karina: her aunt’s illness; she knew she wanted to be a doctor and help people like her. Their turning points all helped their careers.


Mark:   Good morning, listeners! I’m Mark Markinson and we’re back talking about turning points – those moments when something happens in our lives and afterward we’re never quite the same. Let’s go to our first caller, Nari.

Nari:   Hi, Mark! I’m South Korean and came to Boston by myself when I was 17. Transitioning was hard. I had studied English, but had never practiced with anyone. I was so nervous at first, and the second week I had to buy a cell phone. I was terrified, but the salesperson understood my first question and I understood his answer! The moment that happened, I knew I was going to be OK with my English and get my dream job in Boston. So I guess buying a cell phone was my turning point with my English.

Mark:   Thank you, Nari! And your English sounds great! Let’s go to Anthony.

Anthony:   Hi, Mark! Well, I started working for myself one year ago.

Mark:   What made you decide to do it, Anthony?

Anthony:   I was doing graphic design for this company, and I was bored. I didn’t like the company or town I lived in. I wanted to work for myself. I’d say my turning point was the day I started looking for my own clients online. As soon as I did that, I knew I was serious. I started doing freelance work, saving money, and one year later I quit my job and moved to Chicago.

Mark:   Love those entrepreneur stories! We have time for one more call.

Karina:   Hi, I’m Karina. I’m a doctor, but I didn’t always know that was my calling. My aunt had cancer and I took care of her during the hardest part of her treatment. After she finished treatment, she told me I had taken better care of her than any doctor. That’s when I knew I wanted to help people like her. So my aunt’s sickness was my turning point to decide my career.

Mark:   And I’m sure your aunt is very proud. Thank you for sharing, Karina. And listeners, that’s all the time we have for today. I’m Mark Markinson; Have a great day!

Exercise 3

A. Listen to a conversation between three friends about regrets. Write two regrets that each person has.



1  Ariana



2  Ray



3  Kira



B. Listen again. Which friend feels differently about regrets? How does he or she feel?

Answers & Audioscripts


1   Ariana: she should’ve spent more time with her grandma; she shouldn’t have waited so long to start learning Arabic

2   Ray: he should’ve talked to the bully; he should’ve been more confident

3   Kira: she should’ve been more ambitious in high school; she could’ve done more volunteer work and helped people more in her spare time


Kira; There are no regrets in life, just lessons learned. She has learned lessons from her mistakes and become a better person


Ray:   Hey, Ariana! You should come to the movies with Kira and me on Saturday.

Kira:   Yeah, come with us, Ariana! It’ll be fun!

Ariana:   I wish I could, but I have to write a paper for that writing course I’m taking.

Kira:   What’s it about?

Ariana:   My biggest regret in life. I mean, that’s a big question! I have regrets, but just one?

Ray:   Well, what are they?

Ariana:   I’ve always said I should have spent more time with my grandma while she was alive. And I shouldn’t have waited so long to start learning Arabic. If I’d talked more with my extended family, I could have learned it ages ago. I guess I have lots of regrets. What about you guys?

Ray:   Hmm. I think my biggest regret is from when I was a kid. There was this really mean bully at school. I mean, every day he would tease me because of my glasses, or my grades, or something I was wearing. There was always a reason. And I never defended myself. I just let him say what he wanted and make me feel terrible. And I regret that. I should’ve talked to him. I should’ve been more confident.

Kira:   Don’t be so hard on yourself, Ray. You were a kid. And what’s important is that you learned from that situation, and you won’t let people bully you again.

Ray:   True. So, do you have regrets, Kira?

Kira:   Well, I didn’t take many difficult classes in high school. I should have been more ambitious. And I didn’t do any activities after school. I could’ve done more volunteer work and helped people more in my spare time. But honestly, I don’t believe in regrets. I’ve learned lessons from my mistakes and have become a better person. No regrets, just lessons learned.

Ariana:   You know what, Kira? I like that idea for my paper. “No regrets, just lessons learned.”

Ray:   Perfect! Now go work on your paper so you can go to the movies with us!

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