Exercise 1

Listen to Joe and Roy discuss Lisa after they had dinner together. What did Roy think of her?

Answers & Audioscripts

Roy liked her a lot. / He thought she was smart, funny, and very pretty.


Joe:   So, what did you think of Lisa?

Roy:   Well, I was worried at first – especially when I saw that she rode a motorcycle. I thought she might be one of those girls who is into heavy metal music and stuff like that. You know what I mean?

Joe:   But she’s pretty normal, right?

Roy:   Yeah, and she’s smart and funny . . . and very pretty, too.

Joe:   I knew you’d like her.

Roy:   Yeah, I do. She’s my kind of girl.

Joe:   So are you two going to get together again?

Roy:   I hope so. I got her number, and I’ll text her tomorrow. Do you think she liked me?

Joe:   I think so. She seemed to be having a good time, too. But I guess you’re going to have to get in touch with her and find out.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to conversations that describe three people. Are the descriptions positive (P) or negative (N)? Check (✓) the box.

1   Emma



2   Mrs. Leblanc



3   Pablo



B. Listen again. Write two adjectives that describe each person in the chart.

Answers & Audioscripts


1 N   2 P   3 P


1   Emma: unreliable; inflexible

2   Mrs. Leblanc: supportive; modest

3   Pablo: easygoing; sociable


1   Emma

Rob:   So Courtney, how are things with your new roommate? Emma, right?

Courtney:   Yeah, Emma. Things are OK.

Rob:   That doesn’t sound good.

Courtney:   Well, I’m a little annoyed.

Rob:   What happened?

Courtney:   So we take turns cleaning the apartment. It was her turn this week, and she still hasn’t done anything. Then today she left for her parents’ house for the entire weekend.

Rob:   Do you think she forgot?

Courtney:   Well, I asked her about it before she left, and she wasn’t very nice. She said she didn’t need another mom and that she’d do things when she had time. She’s not easy to talk to.

Rob:   Well, she might do it Sunday night when she gets back. If she doesn’t, then talk to her.

Courtney:   Yeah, I’ll wait and see. Thanks, Rob.

2   Mrs. Leblanc

Natalie: Hey Jen. What’s new with that internship in Paris? Did your French teacher help you with the application?

Jen: Mrs. Leblanc? Yeah, she was a huge help. She reviewed my French and even gave me some good ideas.

Natalie: That’s great! She sounds so helpful.

Jen: She really is. I often tell her that, and she just laughs. She won’t take credit for anything.

Natalie: You know, my sister says she’s the best teacher she’s ever had. She’s taking a French class now with another teacher, but she still writes Mrs. Leblanc with questions.

Jen: And Mrs. Leblanc doesn’t mind?

Natalie: Nope. She says she’s happy to help.

Jen: She’s so sweet. It’s people like her that make me want to be a teacher.

Natalie: Oh, yeah? Would you teach French?

Jen: French? Hmm. I’m not so sure. Let’s see if I get this internship in Paris first.

3   Pablo

Man 1:   Hey, remember that it’s Pablo’s birthday next Friday.

Man 2:   Oh, that’s right! What’s the plan?

Man 1:   I haven’t heard of anything. He’s always organizing parties for other people. Let’s plan something for him this time.

Man 2:   Great idea! Would he get mad if we invited all his friends?

Man 1:   No, he’d love it! And Pablo never gets mad, anyway. Let’s do dinner at his favorite Indian restaurant. You know how he loves curry.

Man 2:   Perfect. I’ll invite his friends, and you can take care of the dinner reservation.

Man 1:   OK, but for how many people?

Man 2:   He has a lot of friends. Let’s say fifteen for now, and I’ll let you know if it changes.

Man 1:   He’s going to love this!

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