Exercise 1

Listen to the conversation. What is Tyler going to do at the resort?

Answers & Audioscripts

Tyler is going to work with the entertainment staff.

He’ll have to organize and take part in daytime and evening activities, like games, shows, and parties.


Emma:   So, what will you be doing at the beach resort?

Tyler:   Nothing that great, actually. I’ll be working with the entertainment staff, you know, making sure the guests are having a good time.

Emma:   That sounds interesting to me. What exactly will you have to do?

Tyler:   Well, during the day, I’ll have to organize activities and games for adults and children. And then we have to take part in evening activities, you know, shows, parties . . .

Emma:   I see. It sounds like your days will be pretty long.

Tyler:   For sure. And the job is six days a week.

Emma:   Wow! You mean you only have one day off?

Tyler:   Yeah. But the resort is in such a beautiful place that I think it’s worth it. Besides, the pay is really good.

Emma:   You know what? I’m beginning to think that the job at the website isn’t so bad after all.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Caden talk to Janelle about his job as a video game tester. Which parts of the job does he like and dislike? Check (✓) Like or Dislike.






The pay


The hours


Testing games


Playing video games at home


Thinking of new ideas for games

B. Listen again. What does Caden decide to do?

Answers & Audioscripts


1 Like   2 Like   3 Dislike   4 Like   5 Like


Caden is going to keep working for a while and then go back to school to become a software developer.


Janelle:   Hey, Caden!

Caden:   Janelle! Hey!

Janelle:   I haven’t seen you in awhile. How have you been?

Caden:   Oh, all right. I’m so happy it’s Friday.

Janelle:   Oh, yeah? Hard week?

Caden:   Every week is a hard week. I feel like time goes by so slowly at work.

Janelle:   Do you still have that job testing video games?

Caden:   Yeah. I think the last time I saw you, I was just starting and I was really excited about it. But honestly, Janelle, it’s just not as fun as I thought it would be.

Janelle:   Why is that?

Caden:   I mean, I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I know it’s better paid than a lot of jobs, and my hours are more flexible than most, but it’s making me hate video games. I thought I was going to play the games and suggest ways to improve them, but I have to play the same parts over and over again and make mistakes to see what happens. I basically run hundreds of tests on every detail of the game.

Janelle:   Oh, I guess that wouldn’t be very fun.

Caden:   And when I play video games on the weekends, I keep noticing little things that I would report for work. I can’t play games like I used to and just enjoy them.

Janelle:   So, do you think you want to change fields?

Caden:   Well, that’s the thing. Because I am always playing them, I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for games. I have lists at home. So, I’m still passionate about video games, but I’m just tired of testing other people’s ideas.

Janelle:   Why don’t you go back to school so you can become a software developer? You know, you could develop your own games. I think with the experience you have now, you’d be really good at that.

Caden:   Yeah, I’ve thought of that. If I keep working at this job for a while, I could afford to go back to school. Do you think that’s a good idea?

Janelle:   Definitely. Then when you finish school, you can look for a job designing games. Who knows? Maybe this company where you’re working now would hire you.

Caden:   Hey, anything’s possible! Thanks for the talk, Janelle. I’m going to look at universities this weekend.

Exercise 3

Listen to Suki and Andy discuss these topics. Complete the chart.


Andy’s biggest complaint

Suki’s biggest complaint

1  websites



2  children



3  taxi drivers



4  restaurant servers



Answers & Audioscripts


Andy’s biggest complaint

Suki’s biggest complaint


When a website makes you sign up to read an article

When the website sends you emails every day


When the kid behind you keeps kicking your seat

When people let their children cry in restaurants


When taxi drivers are dishonest and take longer routes to charge more money

When taxi drivers say they don’t know the area and

you don’t know if they’re lying


When servers don’t write down your order and they get it wrong

When servers get annoyed if you order something cheap off the menu and they’re impolite



1   Websites

Andy:   I can’t stand it when you want to read an article on a website and they make you sign up. What if I don’t like it? Why don’t they let you read a few articles before making you subscribe?

Suki:   Yeah, that’s annoying. Then you sign up, and they send you emails every day. I don’t need more emails!

2   Children

Suki:   I love children, but I hate it when people let kids cry in a restaurant. I know children cry, but parents should try to calm them down in a restaurant.

Andy:   Yeah, or when you’re on a bus or plane and the kid behind you keeps kicking your seat.

3   Taxi drivers

Andy:   Doesn’t it bother you when taxi drivers are dishonest? They’ll take longer routes to charge you more money. I always feel like I have to pay attention.

Suki:   I know what you mean! Or sometimes they say they don’t know the area, and you don’t know if they’re lying. Every taxi should have a GPS!

4   Restaurant servers

Suki:   It upsets me when restaurant servers get annoyed if you order something cheap off the menu. I understand they want a bigger tip, but they shouldn’t be impolite.

Andy:   I hate it when they don’t write down your order. They think they can memorize it, and then they get it wrong. And I never complain because I think they might do something to my food.

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