Exercise 1

A. Listen to Jenny, Luke, and Rob talking about Henry’s disappearance. What are two possible clues they notice?

B. Listen again. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). Correct the F sentences.

1   Rob thinks they should ask the police for help.

2   Rob and Luke agree that they shouldn’t give the laptop to the criminals.

3   Rob noticed something strange about how his father looked.

4   The phrase that really surprises Rob is ‘his old dad’.

5   He doesn’t know how to interpret the clue.

6   Rob has booked a flight to the UK.

7   Jenny is going to go back to Henry’s house.

What do you think the clues might mean? Who do you think Simon is?



The two clues are Henry’s sentence ‘his old man will be in his study again soon’, and the sound of a church bell ringing.


1   F (Rob doesn’t think they should ask the police for help because the kidnappers are watching them and he doesn’t want them to hurt Henry.)

2   T

3   F (Rob noticed something strange about what his father said.)

4   F (The phrase that really surprises Rob is his old man.)

5   T

6   F (He hasn’t booked a flight, but he’s going to try.)

7   F (She’s going to continue to stay at Luke’s.)


N = narrator, J = Jenny, R = Rob, L = Luke, H = Henry

N   Day three. Eight fifteen a.m. Jenny and Luke have just discovered that Henry has been kidnapped. They Skype Rob immediately.

J   Rob, are you OK?

 Yes…no…I don’t know.

J   What are you going to do?

 I need to get to England as soon as possible. I wish I was there with you now.

J   Me too. I just don’t know what to do. Should we go back to the police?

 I don’t think so. You heard what they said. They’re obviously watching you and I don’t want them to hurt Dad!

L   And we can’t just give them the laptop. We know what they’re capable of.

R   You’re right. You know, there’s something bothering me about Dad’s message. It’s the words he used.

 What do you mean?

R   I’m not sure. Can you play the end of the message again for me?

H   Please don’t worry. Tell Rob his old man will be in his study again soon.

R   That sounds strange.

L   What sounds strange?

R   His old man.

L   Why is that strange? He is your dad!

R   But he’d never call himself my old man. It’s just not like him.

 So what are you saying? That he said it deliberately?

R   I think it could be a clue.

 But old man? What on Earth can that mean?

R   I don’t know. But I’m sure it means something.

 You know, there was something else. I could hear something in the background.

L   Like a generator or something?

 Not just that. At the beginning of the video. It sounded like a church bell ringing.

L   That could be anywhere.

 You’re right.

R   Anyway, I need to try and get a flight to London.

 OK. Good luck. We’ll call you later.

R   Bye, guys.


L   Well, you definitely can’t go back to Henry’s house now.

J   You’re right. I’ll need to find a room in a hotel or a B&B.

L   Don’t be silly. You can stay here as long as you like.

J   Won’t Simon mind?

L   Simon? No, he’ll understand. And we’ve got the spare room.

J   Are you sure?

L   Of course I’m sure.

J   Thanks, Luke. That’s very nice of you.

L   No worries. I’ll tell you about the house.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Luke telling Jenny about the rules in his house. Complete Rules for guests. Why does he ask her to move her car?

Rules for guests

 This is a no-_______ house.

 Don’t cook _______ or leave _______ products in the fridge.

 If you need to use the Internet, the _______ for the wi-fi is lukeandsimonrule.

 If you use the washing machine, please use the _______-_______ detergents in the cupboard.

 Please help us save energy – don’t use a _______ water programme.

 There isn’t a _______. Hang your clothes on the _______ _______ instead


1 smoking   2 meat, meat   3 password   4 eco-friendly

5 hot   6 dryer, washing line

Luke asks Jenny to move her car because the kidnappers might see it and recognize them.


N = narrator, L = Luke, J = Jenny

N   Luke and Jenny are in the kitchen.

L   It’s a great location, and the rent is cheap, but Simon can be a bit difficult.

 Oh, right.

L   He’s got a few rules. After all, it is his house.

 That’s fine.

L   To start with, it’s a no-smoking house.


L   And he’s a strict vegetarian, so you can’t cook meat or leave meat products in the fridge.


L   He just feels really strongly about not eating meat.

 That’s not a problem.

L   What about you? Is there anything you need?

 There is one thing – could I connect my phone to your wi-fi?

L   Sure. The password is lukeandsimonrule, all lower case, all one word.

J   Got it.

 Anything else?

J   Yeah. I have some clothes I need to wash. Is it OK if I use your washing machine?

 Of course you can. But Simon prefers us to use the eco-friendly detergents. There’s some in the cupboard.


L   Oh, and you mustn’t use a hot water programme. He’s very keen on saving energy.

 OK, and do you mind if I use your dryer, too?

L   Sorry, we don’t have one, but you can hang it out on the washing line.

 Great. Is there anything else I should know?

L   No, I don’t think so – oh! You should probably move your car.

 I guess Simon doesn’t like cars, either.

L   Well, no, but it’s not that. We know the kidnappers have been watching us, right? They might see it and recognize us.

J   You’re right. I’ll move it right away.

L   Look, I’ll come with you and we can get a coffee. There’s a nice café around the corner.

J   Thanks, Luke.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Jenny and Luke discussing the situation with Rob. Where are they going to go tonight? Why?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   Who is more optimistic at the beginning, Jenny or Luke?

2   Has Rob managed to get a flight to London? Why (not)?

3   What does Rob think the words ‘old man’ might refer to?

4   What does he think Luke and Jenny need to do?

5   How are they going to get to the house?

6   Why does Luke know the back way well?

What do you think will happen when they go to the house?



They’re going to go back to Henry’s house to try to find something in the study that Rob thinks might explain the ‘old man’ clue.


 Luke is more optimistic at the beginning.

 No, he hasn’t. There are no flights to London because of the snow.

 He thinks they might refer to the name of a book or painting, or something else in Henry’s study.

 He thinks they need to go back to Henry’s house.

 They’re going to use a footpath at the back of the house.

 He used to play there when he was a child.


N = narrator, J = Jenny, L = Luke, R = Rob

N   Day three. Eleven a.m. Jenny and Luke are in a café.

J   Oh, I hope we’re doing the right thing.

 What do you mean?

J   Maybe we should just go to the police.

 We can’t. You heard what the kidnappers said.

J   I know, I know…but it’s all such a mess. What will we do if we can’t find him?

 We will!

J   I hope so. I just don’t know.

 Is that Rob?

J   Yes. Rob, hi!

 Hi, Jenny.

J   Any news?

 It’s snowing really heavily and there aren’t any flights to London. I don’t know when I’m going to get back.

J   Oh, Rob, that’s terrible!

 I know, but I’ll keep trying.

J   Is there anything we can do?

 Yes, actually. I’ve been thinking about Dad’s message. That old man business.

J   What about it?

 He must be telling us where he is. It’s the only explanation.

J   But what can we do about it? We don’t know what it means.

 Well, Dad also mentioned something about his study, didn’t he?

J   Yeah, but…

 I’m sure I remember something about an old man – it’s the name of a book or a painting or something – and I think it’s in the study.

J   Henry’s study?

 Yeah. Listen, Jenny, I think you’ll have to go back there.

J   Back to Henry’s house? But we know they’re watching.

 I know, and I’m really sorry, but it’s our only chance.

J   You’re right. Luke and I will figure something out.

 Thanks, Jenny. I wish I was there to help.

J   Don’t worry, we’ll be OK. Talk to you soon.

 Bye, Jenny. And be really careful!

 Did you get that?

 Yes, but we can’t go to the house now. If they’re there, they’ll see us immediately.

 We’ll have to go when it’s dark.

 But they still might see us.

 We can sneak in the back way. There’s a footpath.

 Good idea. I know that way really well. I used to play around there when I was a kid.

 We’ll need flashlights, though.

 I’ve got some.

 OK. We’ll have to be careful, but we just might be able to do this!

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