Exercise 1 – Requests and Permission

Listen and answer the questions.

1   What does Jacques ask Mark to do?

2   What does Mark ask Ben to do?

3   What does Nicole ask Allie?


1   To send him the concert dates.

2   To help him (open a computer document).

3   If she can have tomorrow afternoon off.


J = Jacques, M = Mark, B = Ben, A = Allie, N = Nicole

J     Mark? Would you mind sending me those concert dates?

M   Of course not. Ben, are you busy?

B   Me? Never.

M   Could you help me? I can’t open this document.

B   Sure.

M   Thanks.

A   Hi, Nicole

N   Could you sign these, please?

A   Sure.

N   Is it OK if I take tomorrow afternoon off?

A   I’m sorry, but tomorrow’s really difficult.

N   What about Friday afternoon?

A   Friday? That’s fine. Do you think you could send me the request by email?

N   Er, yes, of course.

A   Hello. Hi, Mark… Could you hold a moment, Mark? Thank you, Nicole. Can you come and see me when you have a moment?

Exercise 2 – Office gossip

A. Listen. Who do Mark and Nicole talk about?

B. Listen again and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

 Mark hasn’t found a flat yet.

 Mark likes Ben and Jacques.

 Jacques’s wife is a lawyer.

 Nicole likes the way Allie dresses.

 She thinks Allie is friendly.

 Allie orders a soft drink.



Ben, Jacques, Isabelle (Jacque’s wife) and Allie.


1 T

2 T

3 F (She was a pop singer.)

4 F (She thinks her clothes are ‘very English’.)

5 F (She says Allie is very formal.)

6 T


M = Mark, B = Ben, A = Allie, N = Nicole

N   Have you started looking for an apartment?

M   No, I haven’t had time yet.

B   Anyway, it’s best to get to know Paris first.

M   Yeah – it’s a big city.

N   Merçi.

B   Merçi.

M  Merçi beaucoup.

N   Very good, Mark!

M   Thanks. That’s nearly all the French I know!

B   Hi, Beatrice. … Yeah … just a minute. Sorry.

N   How do you like the office?

M   Oh, it’s great.

N   And the people?

M   Really friendly! I like Ben a lot. He’s amazing with computers. And Jacques’s a really nice guy!

N   Oh, Jacques, he’s very charming. Everybody likes him. And he has a lovely wife. She used to be a pop star when she was young. Have you heard of Isabelle?

M   No, I’m sorry, I haven’t.

N   She’s very pretty. Allie is very attractive, too.

M   Allie? Yeah, I guess.

N   Although her clothes are very English. And she’s very formal. You know, today, I asked if I could have a day off, and she wanted me to send her an email!

M   Well, the English have their funny ways.

N   Oh yeah. Oh, hello, Allie.

A   Hi

N   Allie! Hi, let me get you a drink.

A   Thanks. I’ll have a Diet Coke.

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