1. Listen. Number these events in the order you hear them on the track.

a   A strange voice is heard.  [  ]

b   Hilary stops speaking.  [  ]

 Jane gets really frightened.  [  ]

d   Mark leaves the room.  [  ]

e   Paul leaves the room.  [  ]

 The lights go out.  [  ]

2. Listen again. Are these statements True, False or Possibly? Write T, F or P in the brackets.

a   At the start of the conversation Hilary is happy in the house.   [  ]

b   Mark believes in ghosts.   [  ]

c   People say that a family was murdered in the house.   [  ]

d   The weather is the same as it was 300 years I ago when two strangers knocked at the door.   [  ]

e   Peter and Hilary cry ‘strangers, strangers’ on cold nights.   [  ]

f   The electricity stops working in the house from time to time.   [  ]

g   There are some candles in the house.   [  ]

h   Somebody knocks at the door.   [  ]

  It’s warmer in the room at the end of the conversation than it was at the beginning.   [  ]

 There are ghosts in the house.   [  ]



a 3   b 6   c 5   d 4   c 2   f 1


a T   b F   c T   d T   c F   f T   g P   h P   i F   j P


JANE:   So, do you like living here, Hilary?

HILARY:   Yes. It’s a great place to rent while Paul is writing his novel. But I wouldn’t like to live here forever.

PAUL:   It’s got ghosts, apparently.

MARK:   Oh don’t be silly. Nobody believes in ghosts.

PAUL:   Why not, Mark?

MARK:   Paul! You’re a rational human being. You can’t believe all that stuff.

JANE:   What’s the story, then, about this place? Why does it have ghosts?

HILARY:   Well apparently, Jane, about 300 years ago a family lived here. Mother father, two kids. And one night …

PAUL:   Terrible weather, wind, rain …

MARK:   A night like this you mean?

HILARY:   Yes, I suppose so, anyway there was a knock at the door, two men outside. They said ‘Please can we stay the night.’ They were cold and hungry. So they were given food and somewhere to sleep.

PAUL:   But that night the whole family was murdered and the two strangers were never seen again.

HILARY:   And that’s why, on cold winter nights you can hear the family cry ‘strangers, strangers’ and sometimes they even …

JANE:   What was that?

PAUL:   Oh no! Not again. The electricity. I wonder how long we’ll be without light this time.

MARK:   Do you have any candles?

HILARY:   Nor sure. Have we got any left?

PAUL:   I think so. I know when they are. I’ll go.

HILARY:   Thanks, Paul.

JANE:   What was that?

HILARY:   What was what?

JANE:   That noise.

HILARY:   I didn’t hear a noise.

JANE:   There. Listen.

MARK:   Oh come on love, you’re being silly.

JANE:   I’m really cold. Anyone else cold?

HILARY:   Yes. Suddenly … it’s suddenly cold.

GHOSTLY VOICE:   Strangers in the house … strangers in the house.

JANE:   Did you hear that?

MARK:   It’s just Paul playing around. Paul? Paul?

JANE:   Oh my God, what was that?

MARK:   It’s OK, leave this to me. I’ll go and see.

HILARY:   No Mark, stay here.

MARK:   It’s OK. Back in a minute.

JANE:   I don’t like this, Hilary.

HILARY:   No, neither do I.

JANE:   Paul? Mark? Paul? Mark?

HILARY:   I hate being in the dark like this. Can’t see anything … I … it’s … Oh no …

JANE:   Hilary. Hilary. Hilary. Hilary …

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