Exercise 1

A. Listen to Rumiko answering questions 2-6 from the interviews. Do you think food for her is fuel or pleasure? Why?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

 What does she usually have in the morning?

 Where does she usually have lunch and dinner?

 Why doesn’t she often cook?

 Does she eat or drink anything unhealthy?

 Is she cutting down on anything at the moment? Why (not)?

 What’s happening to the Japanese diet at the moment?

 Does she think this is a completely bad thing?



Probably more pleasure, as she likes cooking, enjoys eating out, and likes the variety of food and restaurants.


 Just a cup of coffee in the office. She doesn’t get up early enough to have breakfast.

 In sushi restaurants and ones that serve organic food.

 She works late, her kitchen is too small, and her boyfriend is a better cook than she is.

 She drinks a lot of coffee.

 No, she doesn’t need to because she has a healthy diet and does regular exercise.

 It’s getting worse, more westernized. As a result, people are getting fatter.

 No, she doesn’t. She likes the fact that there are more different kinds of restaurants and food / more variety when you eat out.


I = Interviewer, R = Rumiko

  Rumiko, what do you eat in a typical day?

R   I don’t usually have breakfast because I can’t get up early enough to eat! I normally just buy a coffee and drink it in the office.

I usually have lunch in a restaurant near the office with people from work. When I was younger, I used to go to fast food restaurants and the pizza, or fried chicken and chips, but now I prefer eating something healthier, so I go to sushi restaurants or restaurants which serve organic food. And for dinner I eat out a lot too.

  Do you ever cook?

R   Well, I like cooking, but I work very late every day and also my kitchen’s too small. My boyfriend’s a better cook anyway.

  Do you ever eat unhealthy food?

R   Well, I don’t eat a lot of sweet things but I drink a lot of coffee every day. I think I’m addicted to caffeine.

  Are you trying to cut down on anything at the moment?

R   No. I eat healthily and I do exercise regularly, so I don’t think I need to cut down on food.

  Are people’s diets in your country getting better or worse?

R   Oh, probably worse. I think the diet in Japan today is much more westernized than before and that’s why some people are getting fatter. But personally, I like the fact that there are more different kinds of food and restaurants now. I enjoy the variety, it makes eating out much more fun.

Exercise 2

A. Kevin Poulter, and English chef, has just opened a restaurant in Santiago, the capital of Chile. Listen to an interview with him and number the photos 1-5 in the order he mentions them.

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

 Why did he decide to open a restaurant in Chile?

 Why did he call it Frederick’s?

 Why were Chilean people surprised when he opened his restaurant?

 What English dishes does he serve in his restaurant? Are they popular?

 Where does he recommend tourists eat in England? Why?

 How many women work in his kitchen? Why does he think there are so few women in restaurant kitchens?

7   What English food does he miss most?



1   A Frederick’s, Kevin’s restaurant

2   E a trifle (typical English dessert, made with fruit, cake and cream)

3   B a gastropub (a pub with a restaurant)

4   D a restaurant kitchen (with only men working there)

5   C Stilton (an English cheese)


1   Because he liked the country, and Chileans are pro-European and open to new things.

2   Frederick is his father’s name.

3   Because they don’t expect the English to be good cooks.

4   English breakfasts and desserts, e.g. trifle, English teas with cakes and sandwiches. They are all very popular.

5   In gastropubs (pubs which are also restaurants) because they serve food which is good but not too expensive.

6   One. Many reasons – women don’t like the unsocial hours, and they don’t like the atmosphere – there’s a lot of shouting and it’s very hot.

7   English cheese, especially Stilton.


I = Interviewer, K = Kevin

  Kevin, why did you decide to open a restaurant in Chile?

K   I’d always wanted to have my own restaurant and it would have been very expensive to do that in England. I’d visited Chile as a tourist and loved it, and I thought it would be a good place because Chileans are very pro-European, and are quite open to new things, new ideas. So I opened Frederick’s.

  Right. Why did you call the restaurant Frederick’s?

K   Because Frederick’s my father’s name. It’s my second name too.

  What kind of food do you serve?

K   Mainly international dishes like pasta, steak and fries, risotto – but we also do several English dishes as well.

  Were Chilean people surprised when they heard that an English chef was going to open a restaurant here?

K   Yes, they were – very! I think people don’t usually expect the English to be good cooks.

  Is your chef English?

K   No, he’s Chilean – but I’ve taught him to make some English dishes.

  What kind of English dishes do you have on your menu?

K   Well, we’re open in the morning, and we serve traditional English breakfasts, and then we have a lot of English desserts at lunchtime, for example trifle – that’s a typical English dessert make with fruit and cake and cream. And we do proper English teas in the afternoon – tea with cakes or sandwiches.

  Are the English dishes popular?

K   Yes, especially the desserts and cakes. I think people here in Chile have a very sweet tooth.

  People who visit England always say that the food isn’t very good, or that you have to spend a lot of money to eat well. Do you agree?

K   I think eating good food’s never cheap. But I think that today, the best place for a tourist to eat in England is in a pub, especially the ones called gastropubs – pubs which are also restaurants. There pubs are beginning to serve really good food that’s not too expensive.

  I see. You said earlier that your chef was a man. Do you have any women working in your kitchen?

K   Yes, one, but the rest are all men. In fact, I think that’s typical all over the world – there are far more men than women in restaurant kitchens.

  Why do you think that is?

K   I think there are a lot of reasons. The most important reason is probably the unsocial hours. Most women don’t want a job where you have to work until late at night. Then there’s the atmosphere. Women don’t like being shouted at, and there’s a lot of shouting in restaurant kitchens. It’s also usually incredibly hot and I think women don’t like that either.

  And finally is there any English food that you really miss here?

K   The thing I miss most living in Chile is English cheese. I really miss Stilton – which is a wonderful English blue cheese. It’s not as famous as some of the French cheeses like Roquefort but I think it should be. You should try it!

  I will! Kevin, thank you very much.

K   Thank you.

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