Exercise 1

Listen to the story of Mark and Allie. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

 Why did she choose Beirut?

 Why did she want to take a year off?

 Who is Omayma?

 Why does Karen say Arabic is a difficult language?

 How long has Karen been teaching belly dancing?

 How do her students feel about an English woman teaching them belly dancing?

 What does she like most about living in Lebanon?


 Because she and her husband (Mike) have always loved Arab culture and language.

 She wanted a break from teaching / a change and she wanted to learn to draw (properly).

 A fantastic art teacher, who speaks English.

 Because of the pronunciation. / It takes a long time to learn to read and write.

 For about six years.

 They are happy that she loves Arabic music and understands something about their culture.

 The people – the hospitality is amazing.


I = Interviewer, K = Karen

I    So, how long have you been living here?

K   For about six months now.

I    Why did you choose Beirut?

K   Because, Mike – my husband – and I have always loved Arab culture and the language. Mike’s an English teacher and he got a job here in a language school.

I    Why did you want to take a year off?

K   Basically I wanted a break from teaching. I love teaching children but I needed a change. Also I’ve been drawing and painting since I was little but I’ve never really had the change to study drawing. So this seemed like the perfect opportunity to have a change and learn to draw properly.

I    What have you been doing here since you arrived?

K   Well, I found a fantastic art teacher, called Omayma and I’ve been having classes with her since October. She’s great and she speaks English, which is lucky because I don’t know much Arabic yet. But I am learning the language as quickly as I can.

I    Is Arabic a difficult language to learn?

K   Incredibly difficult! Especially the pronunciation. You have to learn to make a lot of new sounds. Also it takes a long time to learn to read and write in Arabic.

I    You also teach belly dancing here?

K   That’s right.

I    How did that happen?

K   Well, I’ve been teaching belly dancing for about six years, and I love it so I wanted to continue doing it here. A lot of Lebanese women don’t know how to belly dance and they want to learn. I give classes here in my living room. We have a lot of fun!

I    Are your students surprised that an English person is teaching them belly dancing?

K   Yes, very, but they’re also really happy to find that a foreigner loves Arabic music and understands something from their culture.

I    What’s the best thing about living in Lebanon so far?

K   The people! The hospitality of the people here is absolutely amazing.

Exercise 2

Listen. What have they been doing? Complete the sentences.

1   Sharon and Kenny _______________.

2   The man _______________.

3   The man and woman _______________ and _______________.


1   Sharon and Kenny have been arguing.

2   The man has been reading by the pool (without any suncream on).

3   The man and woman have been sightseeing and walking all afternoon.



A   Hello?

B   Hi Sharon. It’s me… Kylie.

A   Oh. Hi Kylie.

B   Hey, you sound awful – what’s been happening?

A   Oh, nothing. Well, OK… Kenny and I have been arguing.

B   What about? What’s he been doing this time?

A   He’s been sending text messages to his ex-girlfriend again.

B   No!

A   I knew this holiday was a mistake. I shouldn’t have come.


A   You are so red! How long have you been sunbathing? All morning?

B   I haven’t been sunbathing. I’ve been reading.

A   Yes, but in the sun! Didn’t you put any suncream on?

B   No.

A   You’d better go and put some after suncream on now. You’re going to feel terrible tonight…


A   You two look exhausted. What have you been doing?

B   We’ve been sightseeing in the town. We’ve been walking all afternoon.

C   Yes, my feet are killing me.

A   Well, come and sit down in the bar and have a nice cup of tea.

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