A. Listen and circle the correct answer, a, b, or c.

1   Where did the woman probably lose her credit card?

      a   In the petrol station.

      b   In the flower shop.

      c   In the restaurant.

2   How long has he been working as a teacher?

      a   1 ½ years     b   2 ½ years     c   3 ½ years

3   How can people travel today?

      a   By road.     b   By rail.     c   By air.

4   Which airline are they going to fly with?

      a   British Airways     b   Anglo Air     c   Euroflight

5   Who is working at the moment?

      a   Her brother.

      b   Her brother’s wife.

      c   Her brother and his wife.


1 b   2 c   3 b   4 c   5 a



A   What’s the matter?

B   I can’t find my credit card. I must have dropped it somewhere.

A   Well, think. When did you use it last?

B   I bought some petrol on the way to work… Did I pay for lunch with the card? No, I paid cash. Oh, and this morning I went to the florist’s. I got some flowers for Sally’s birthday.

A   Well, phone the shop then. Someone might have picked it up.


A   How long have you been teaching?

B   Well, I’ve been working here since last October, so that’s a year and a half. And I taught for two years before that.

A   Where was that?

B   A school in Slovenia.

A   Oh, that must have been nice.

B   Yes, it was lovely.


Last night’s heavy snow has made most main roads impassable.

At present, trains are still running normally but airports are closed, so it’s definitely not a good day to be travelling. Business news now.

Wall Street closed 3 points down after yesterday’s gains…


A   Who are you flying to Munich with?

B   We were going to fly with British Airways but then we saw these really cheap tickets with Euroflight on the Internet.

A   I thought Anglo Air were the cheapest.

B   They are, but we were too late. the flight was full.


A   Why does your brother rent his flat? Why doesn’t he buy one?

B   He can’t afford it.

A   Yeah, but paying rent’s just a waste of money. If you can afford to pay rent, you can afford to pay a mortgage.

B   Yeah, but he’s only got a temporary contract and his wife’s unemployed at the moment.

B. Listen to a conversation between a bank manager and a client. Complete the sentences with a number.

1   Ms Stephens wants to borrow £_______.

2   The period of loan with be _______ years.

3   The monthly repayments will be £_______.

4   The interest rate is _______%.

5   The first repayment will be on _______.


1 £7,500   2 Three years   3 £261.45

4 8 ½ %   5 22nd March


A   Good morning, Ms Stevens. Do have a seat.

B   Thank you.

A   Now I understand you want a small loan.

B   Yes, that’s right. I want to buy a new car.

A   What sort of amount were you looking for?

B   I think I’m going to need about seven thousand five hundred pounds.

A   OK and over what period of time do you want this loan?

B   Three years.

A   Well, over three years the monthly payments would be two hundred and sixty-one pounds and forty-five pence.

B   So what’s your interest rate at the moment?

A   It’s eight and a half percent.

B   And might that change?

A   No, that would be fixed for the period of the loan.

B   OK.

A   And when would you like the money?

B   As soon as possible.

A   By the end of next week?

B   OK. And when will I start the repayments?

A   Your first one will be on the 22nd March.

B   Fine.

A   OK. Well, I’ll draw up the loan agreement and you’ll receive that in the post in a couple of days.

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