A. Listen and circle the correct answer, a, b, or c.

1   What drinks do they get?

      a   A coffee, a tea, and two orange juices.

      b   A tea and three orange juices.

      c   A coffee and three orange juices.

2   Why doesn’t the woman want anything to eat?

      a   Because she’s not hungry.

      b   Because she doesn’t feel well.

      c   Because she’s on a diet.

3   What does Robertson do now?

      a   He owns a pub.

      b   He works in Leeds.

      c   He works with young players.

4   Who’s coming to lunch?

      a   The man’s mother-in law and his sister.

      b   The man’s mother and his sister-in law.

      c   The man’s mother-in-law and her sister.

5   What are they going to give their granddaughter for her birthday?

      a   Money.

      b   Clothes.

      c   They can’t decide.


1 c   2 b   3 c   4 a   5 c



A   I’m going to have a coffee. What do you want?

B   I’ll have an orange juice.

A   What about Sally and Tim?

B   Get them orange juice too. They said they were thirsty.

A   Are you sure? I thought Sally wanted tea.

B   No, she wanted something cold.

A   Ok, then.


A   Shall we stop and have something to eat?

B   I don’t want anything to eat. But let’s stop – I’d like some water and I need to go to the toilet.

A   Aren’t you hungry? It’s lunchtime – I’m starving.

B   No, I really don’t want anything.

A   You’re not on a diet, are you?

B   No, but I’m not feeling 100 percent. It must be something I ate last night.


A   It’s a pity Robertson isn’t still playing for us. He was much better than the players we’ve got now.

B   Yeah, he was amazing.

A   What happened to him, do you know?

B   He retired. I think he opened a pub.

A   No, that was Gallagher. He opened a pub in Leeds.

B   Oh yes, that’s right. I remember now. Robertson’s working as a coach at Liverpool. With the junior team, the 16-year-olds.

A   Oh really? Well, I think he’d be a good coach.


A   Where are you going?

B   Just for a run. I won’t be long.

A   Well, don’t be late for lunch. Remember my mum’s coming.

B   Oh right. Anyone else or just your mum?

A   Your sister’s coming – don’t you remember?

B   Oh yeah, that’s right. I’m glad Ann’s coming. I think she’ll get on well with your mum. Do you need any help with the lunch?

A   I’m OK for the moment but I will later. So don’t be too long.

B   Right, I’ll be about 20 minutes.


A   We must get Olivia a present. It’s her birthday next week.

B   Why don’t we just give her some money?

A   Oh come on – that’s so impersonal. It’s her 21st birthday and she’s our only granddaughter.

B   Well, you choose something for her then.

A   That’s so typical. I have all the work of going and finding something.

B   Well, then give her money like I said before. We’re not her generation. We don’t know what kind of things she likes.

A   Speak for yourself. I think I’ll get her a sweater.

B   She never wears sweaters.

A   Oh, you’re so helpful!

B. You will hear a man phoning to book a tennis court. Complete the information on the secretary’s form.

Hamworth Sports Centre

Tennis court bookings:

Name: Mark 1________________

Membership number: 2________________

Day: 3________________

Time: 4________________

Court number: 5________________


1 Mark Reid   2 040155   3 Sunday   4 6-7   5 5


A   Sports centre. Good afternoon.

B   Hello. I’d like to book a tennis court for Sunday, please.

A   Are you a member?

B   Yes, the name’s Reid – R-E-I-D. Mark Reid.

A   What’s your membership number, please?

B   It’s 040155.

A   Right, thanks. Here we are. A court for Sunday. Let’s see. What time did you want it for?

B   From eight to nine in the evening.

A   I’m afraid they’re all full then. We’ve got one from five to six or six to seven.

B   Six to seven, then.

A   OK, Mr Reid, that’s court number 5 booked for you then.

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