A. Listen and circle the correct answer, a, b, or c.

1   What was the problem with the woman’s steak?

      a It wasn’t cooked enough.

      b It was cold.

      c It was badly cooked.

2   What didn’t the man like about the film?

      a The acting.     b The music.     c The plot.

3   How much did the sweater cost?

      a £25     b £67     c £77

4   How did the man feel after he saw the film?

      a Disappointed.     b Nervous.     c Excited.

5   What did Brunel do?

      a He was an architect.

      b He was an engineer.

      c He was a boxer.


1 c   2 c   3 b   4 a   5 b



A   Did you go to that new restaurant last night?

B   Yeah, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

A   Why not?

B   Well, our soup was cold and then I asked for my steak well done but it was burnt. So I asked the waiter to take it back, and then I had to wait ten minutes for another one, by which time my husband’s meal was cold.


A   What did you think of it, then?

B   I was a bit disappointed, to be honest.

A   Yeah? I loved it. What didn’t you like?

B   Well, I thought Scarlett Johansson was good and the one who played her husband…

A   Orlando Bloom.

B   Yeah, he was good too. But the story was just ridiculous. I mean the bit when he went to see his ex-wife. A man would never do that.

A   Oh I don’t agree. I thought it was completely believable. I loved the soundtrack too.

B   Yeah, that was all right.


A   Oh I like your sweater. Is it new?

B   Yeah. I bought it in the sales.

A   How much?

B   What do you think?

A   80, 100?

B   No. It was originally £90 but then it had a 25% percent discount.

A   £70?

B   Less! 67. It was a real bargain.


A   You were an extra in a film once, weren’t you?

B   Yeah. It was when I was studying at university in Leeds and they were making Chariots of Fire – the one about the two athletes.

A   Oh yeah. I remember.

B   Anyway, I saw an advertisement in the paper saying that they were looking for extras. So I went along and I was in a scene that was being filmed in a pub.

A   What did you have to do?

B   Nothing. I was just sitting at a table, pretending to drink beer. I didn’t have to say anything, but I was still quite nervous. When I saw the film at the cinema, I waited and waited for the pub scene but it wasn’t there.

A   They cut it?

B   Yeah, I suppose the film was too long or something.

A   What a pity!

B   Yeah.


A   I saw a fascinating programme on TV last night.

B   What was it?

A   It was about Brunel. Did you see it?

B   No. Who’s Brunel? Isn’t he that boxer?

A   A boxer? That was Frank Bruno.

B   Oh yeah.

C   Brunel was a famous architect, wasn’t he?

A   Well, you’re a bit closer than Susan. He built lots of famous bridges, like that one in Bristol.

C   Oh that’s right – he was an engineer, wasn’t he?

A   Yes. Not exactly a boxer.

B. Listen to a guide showing tourists around Westminster Abbey in London. Complete the sentences with one word.

Charles Dickens was born on February 7th 1_________.

As a child he worked in a 2_________.

In 1858 Dickens and his wife 3_________.

His last novel was called Our Mutual 4_________.

He died at the age of 5_________.


1 1812   2 factory   3 separated   4 Friend   5 58


This is Poets’ Corner. It’s the place in the cathedral where many famous British novelist and poets are buried. And as you can see this is the tomb of the great novelist Charles Dickens. He was born on February 7th 1812, the second of seven children. He had a very unhappy childhood. His parents had money problems – his father owed a lot of money and so at the age of twelve Dickens was sent to work in a factory. When Dickens was older he started working as a journalist and later he began writing his wonderful novels. Probably the most famous of them is David Copperfield, which has been translated into almost every language in the world. Dickens was unhappily married and in 1858 he and his wife Catherine separated. But not before they had had ten children. Dicken’s last novel Our Mutual Friend was unfinished when he died suddenly at home at the age of 58. Now, if you follow me through here, we can see the tomb of a very famous British poet…

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