A. Listen and circle the correct answer, a, b, or c.

1   How many bookshops are there in the town?

      a None     b One     c Two

2   Where are the women going to have lunch?

      a Roberto’s     b Trattoria Marco

      c Garibaldi’s

3   Who’s going to choose the film?

      a The man.     b The woman.

      c The man and the woman.

4   The man has …

      a qualifications but no experience.

      b experience but no qualifications.

      c experience and qualifications.

5   The girl thinks she wants to …

      a do research.     b be a doctor.

      c be a biologist.


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 b   5 a



A   Excuse me, is there a bookshop near here?

 Er, sorry, I don’t think so. Er… what are you looking for?

A   I’m looking for a guidebook. Is there anywhere round here where I might be able to get one?

 Actually, there aren’t very many bookshops in this town at all. I think there’s one in the centre but that’s all. But you might be able to get a guidebook at a newsagent’s. There’s one on the corner on the right, and another one a bit further on this way.

A   Oh right, thanks very much.


A   Where shall we have lunch?

 What do you think, Albert? You know the restaurants here.

C   Well, you could go to Garibaldi’s. The food’s wonderful – home cooking. You need time though – they’re a bit slow.

 We’re in a bit of a hurry cos we’re meeting Anna at 2.30.

C   Well, there’s Trattoria Marco – they do good pasta, and Roberto’s. Their fish is very good.

A   I had pasta last night.

 Me too. Let’s go to the fish place then. Where exactly is it?


A   There’s nothing on TV tonight. Why don’t you go and rent a DVD?

 Why don’t you go?

A   OK, but if I go, I choose the film.

 No way. I don’t want to see another horror film in all my life.

A   Well, you go then.

 We could both go and then get a takeaway for supper.

A   OK then.


A   Come in, sit down.

 Thank you.

A   It’s James Baker, isn’t it?

 That’s right.

A   Tell me a bit about the last hotel where you worked. You were head of reception, is that right?

 Yes, I was a receptionist for two years and then I got promoted to head of reception.

A   But you do realize that this hotel’s much bigger than where you were before and the post vacant here is for a receptionist.

 Yes, yes, I know.

A   Why did you decide to get a job straight after school? I mean, why did you decide not to carry on with your education?

 To be honest, I wanted to earn some money. But I’d like to do a diploma in tourism next year, maybe studying part-time.


A   Have you applied for university next year?

 Yes. I’ve got a place at Manchester to do medicine.

A   Medicine? You’ve always said you wanted to do biology.

 Yes, but I’ve changed my mind. I don’t really want to work as a doctor, but I’d like to do medical research. And for that, the best thing is to study medicine.

B. You will hear a man and a woman talking about buying a car. Mark the sentences T (True) or F (False).

1   The woman says she prefers the Volvo.

2   The man thinks the Golf is too small.

3   The woman damaged their car when she was trying to park.

4   The Volvo is cheaper than the Golf.

5   In the end, the man and the woman can’t decide what to buy.


1 T   2 F   3 F   4 F   5 T


A   So what do you think?

 I think I like the Volve best. It’s so comfortable. And I love the colour. It’s a really nice shade of blue.

A   Don’t think about the colour. That’s a ridiculous reason for buying a car. The question is, is the Golf big enough?

 There’s not much space for luggage – the boot’s much smaller than the Volvo’s.

A   Yes, but think about it – we only go on holiday once a year. The rest of the time we only use the boot for shopping. And the Golf would be much easier to park – that’s the advantage of a smaller car. You know parking’s not your strong point.

 I can park perfectly, thank you very much.

A   Come on! What about last week when you scratched the mirror.

 That wasn’t parking. It was when I was driving in the High Street. Anyway, Volvos are the safest cars on the road – everybody says so.

A   The Volvo’s quite a bit more expensive, you know. If we bought it, we’d have to get a bank loan.

 How much more expensive is it?

A   About 20% more. We wouldn’t be able to go to France this summer.

 What about the Peugeot? Over there. It’s cheaper than the Volvo and the Golf. And it’s a really sweet yellow.

A   Look, we’ve been here more than an hour and I thought we’d agreed we were going to buy either the Volvo or the Golf.

 Yes, but now I’m not sure.

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