A. Listen and circle the correct answer, a, b, or c.

1   What problem does the teacher want to discuss?

      a   A girl copied from Sean.

      b   Sean cheated in an exam.

      c   Sean is lazy.

2   The woman in the pub is…

      a   slim with blonde hair.

      b   tall and dark.

      c   short and fat.

3   Which house are they going to buy?

      a   The cottage.

      b   The detached house.

      c   They haven’t decided.

4   When did Dennis leave school?

      a   1967      b   1971      c   1978

5   When are they going to have lunch?

      a   Thursday 2.00     b   Thursday 1.00

      c   Tuesday 1.00


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 c   5 a



A   Good evening. I’m Mrs Connors… Sean Connors’s mother.

B   Oh hello. Nice to meet you. Please, sit down.

A   So, what’s the problem with Sean? He’s a lazy so and so, isn’t he?

B   Yes, but that isn’t what I wanted to talk to you about.

A   (interrupting) Did he fail his maths exam again?

B   Yes.

A   What mark did he get?

B   He got 90%.

A   But that’s good, isn’t it?

B   It would be excellent, except that he copied all the answers from the girl sitting in front of him. That’s what we need to talk about.

A   That Sean! Just wait till I get home!


A   Do you see that woman over there? She used to go to my school.

B   Which one? The tall one with long dark hair?

A   No, the one next to her with short, blonde hair. What was her name? Janet. That’s right. She’s changed a lot. She’s really slim now. She used to be quite fat. But it’s definitely her.


A   So what have you decided about these three houses?

B   Well, we both loved the cottage… but not the price.

A   And the detached house?

B   That would be ideal…

A   But…?

B   The kitchen’s tiny.

A   And the terraced house?

B   Could we see that one again?

A   Certainly. How about tomorrow morning?


A   And our next caller is…

B   Dennis.

A   Go ahead, Dennis. We’re listening.

B   Thank you. I used to go to a secondary school in North London and I’m trying to find an old friend of mine, called Eddie. We lost touch with each other after we left school.

A   And when was that Dennis?

B   Let me think. I started there when I was 11, so that’s 1971 and I left school six, no, seven years later.

A   So if you’re listening Eddie, your old friend Dennis wants to make contact with you. If you hear this message, you can call the show or send us an email. The phone number is…


A   Hi, this is Sophie.

B   Oh hi, Sophie. Haven’t heard from you for ages.

A   Sorry. I’ve just been so busy.

B   Me too. We never have time to see each other these days.

A   That’s why I’m calling. What about lunch next week?

B   Great! What day?

A   Monday?

B   Can’t. I’ve got a business lunch. Tuesday?

A   I’ve got my yoga class at 1.00. Best day for me would be Thursday.

B   Let me see. I’ve got a meeting at 12.30, but I should be finished by 2.00 at the latest. How about a late lunch?

A   Fine. I’ll come to you and meet you in the coffee bar downstairs.

B   Perfect. I’ll see you then.

A   Bye!

B. Listen to a conversation between two men talking about a ‘flat share’ and complete the missing information.

Flat share

1________ Bradley Road.

Rent: £ 2________ a month + 3________ bills

Room free from 4________

5________ permit costs £10 a month


1 18   2 400   3 gas and electricity

4 beginning of July   5 Parking


A   Hello. Is that Nigel?

B   Yes. It is.

A   Oh, I’m ringing about the flat share.

B   Oh right. Well… It’s a three-bedroom house, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a small garden.

A   Where is it exactly?

B   It’s Bradley Road, number 18. Do you know this area?

A   Yeah. I know where that is. How much is the rent?

B   It’s 400 hundred a month plus gas and electricity bills.

A   OK. So how many other people will there be living in the house?

B   Me and one other guy. We’re both students at the university. Are you a student?

A   Yes. I’m in my second year. Engineering. If I’m interested, when could I move in?

B   Well, the guy who’s leaving will stay till the end of this month, so the room’s free from the beginning of July.

A   Fine. I’ve got a car. What’s the parking situation like?

B   Er… that’s a bit of a problem. You’ll have to get a permit from the local council if you want to park in Bradley Road. It costs about ten pounds a month.

A   OK. Well, thanks for all that. I’ll think about it and I’ll call you back. Is this a good time to call?

B   Yeah, between six and eight there’s usually someone here.

A   OK. Bye then.

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