A. Listen and circle the correct answer, a, b, or c.

1   Where’s the girl’s mobile?

      a In the café.     b In her pocket.     c In her bag.

2   How late are their friends?

      a Less than 15 minutes.     b 15 minutes.

      c More than 15 minutes.

3   Who looks good in their passport photo?

      a The woman.     b The man.     c Neither of them.

4   The girl’s new boyfriend is…

      a tall and with long dark hair.

      b tall with short dark hair.

      c short with short dark hair.

5   How many times has the woman failed her driving test?

      a One.     b Two.     c Three.


1 b   2 c   3 a   4 c   5 b



A   Oh no. I can’t find my mobile!

 Well, you had it when we were in the café. You were texting your friend.

A   Yes, that’s right. Maybe I left it in there.

 Do you want to go back and see?

A   But can you phone me first? Then if my mobile’s in the café, maybe someone will answer it.

 OK. Hey, I can hear it. It must be in your bag somewhere.

A   No, it’s in my jacket pocket.


A   I’m starving. What time did you ask them to come?

 I said to come at eight o’clock for drinks, and then dinner at 8.30.

A   Well, it’s 8.15 now.

 Yes, they should be here any minute. They’re usually very punctual.

A   Ah – that must be them … Who was it?

 Somebody collecting money for charity. Honestly, I really think people should phone when they’re going to be late. It’s very inconsiderate. It’s nearly twenty past now.


A   No! Is that you? It doesn’t look anything like you! I didn’t know you used to have long hair!

 Well, this passport is nearly ten years old. Which reminds me, I’m going to have to renew it soon.

A   Well, you definitely need a new photo. You look really awful.

 OK, let’s see yours then.

A   No, you can’t see it. I hate showing people my passport photo.

 Come on! You’ve seen mine. That’s not bad. It’s a lot better than mine. In fact, I think I prefer your hair as it was then.


A   So where did you meet him?

 At work. He’s one of the designers.

A   And what’s he like?

 He’s funny, intelligent…

A   Yes, but what does he look like?

 Just like Pierce Brosnan, tall, dark, and handsome – no, I’m joking. He’s got short dark hair and he’s not very tall. But I think he’s really good-looking.


A   What happened? How did it go?

 No comment.

A   Not again. What did you do this time?

 Nothing. I mean nothing wrong. It was really unfair. Just because I was going a tiny bit fast in the High Street.

A   Oh well. You’ll just have to take it again. Third time lucky.

B. Listen and complete the form with the missing information.

Anglo language school

Name:   1____________

Surname:   2____________

Nationality:   3____________

Student wants to study 4____________ level.

Student has been to 5____________.


1 Daniel   2 Gatti   3 Argentinian

4 Advanced   5 the States (the USA)


A   Hello, sir down. I’m the secretary and you are…?


A   And your surname is?

 Gatti. G-A-double T-I.

A   Are you from Italy?

 No, my grandparents were Italian but I’m Argentinian. But people always think I must be Italian because of my name.

A   Oh, sorry. And what course were you thinking of doing?

 I’d like to do the Advanced course. I did an Upper Intermediate course in Buenos Aires last year so I think I’ll be able to do an Advanced course here.

A   Well, you’ll have to do a level test first. You might find the Advanced course a bit difficult. Is this your first time in Britain?

 Yes, but I’ve been to the USA last year.

A   I went to the USA last year, you mean. You see, maybe you’re not quite ready for the Advanced after all. Now, the level test takes one hour.

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