Exercise 1 – Giving and reacting to news

Listen and answer questions. What’s Ben’s news? Who is more surprised, Jacques or Nicole?


Ben’s news is that he saw Allie and Mark together in the Louvre, holding hands.

Jacques is more surprised than Nicole, who already suspected that Mark and Allie were going out together.


B = Ben, N = Nicole, J = Jacques, M = Mark

B   Hi.

N/J   Hi. / Hello.

N   Did you have a nice weekend?

B   Oh yeah. You’ll never guess who I saw on Saturday.

N   Who?

B   Allie … and Mark. In the Louvre … together.

N   Really?

  You’re joking.

B   It was definitely them. And they looked really close. I think they were holding hands.

  No! I don’t believe it.

B   It’s true, I’m telling you! And I think they saw me because they turned and left really quickly.

  Are you serious?

N   You know, I’m not surprised. I think they’ve been seeing each other ever since Mark arrived. Or maybe even before.

  That’s incredible. What makes you say that?

N   When I went to look at Mark’s new apartment, I’m sure Allie called him on his mobile. And I’ve seen her looking at him… in a certain way…

B   Hey, quiet everyone. It’s Mark.

M   Hi.

B   Hi.

J/N   Good morning.

Exercise 2 – For your eyes only

A. Listen. How does Allie reply to Mark’s email?

B. Listen again and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   Jacques had a busy weekend.

2   Mark invites Ben and Jacques to his flat for a meal on Saturday.

3   Mark says he went to the Louvre with a friend.

4   Ben says he saw Mark at the Louvre.

5   Everybody gets the same email from Allie.



Thank you for the information. And think you, darling, for a wonderful weekend.


1 F (He said it was ‘very quiet’.)

2 F (He says ‘one evening’.)

3 F (He says he went on his own.)

4 F (He says he didn’t see Mark.)

5 T


M = Mark, B = Ben, J = Jacques, N = Nicole

M   Dear all

       Please find attached a copy of the latest sales report from the USA. Mark.

M   So, did you guys have a good weekend?

B   Yes, fine.

  Not bad. Very quiet.

B   What about you, Mark?

M   Oh, I spent most of the time at home… just being domestic, you know. The apartment’s looking pretty nice, now. You must come round for a meal one evening.

  That would be very nice.

B   So didn’t you go out at all?

M   Oh sure. I went to the Louvre on Saturday. I felt like getting a bit of culture.

  On your own?

M   Yeah. I kind of prefer going to museums and galleries on my own. You can look at everything at your own pace.

 That’s funny. I went to the Louvre on Saturday, too.

M   Really? I didn’t see you.

 Well, it’s a big place. I didn’t see you either.

N   I’ve just had an email from Allie.

J    So have I.

M   Me, too…

N   Dear Mark,

     Thank you for the information. And thank you, darling, for a wonderful weekend.


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