Exercise 1

A. Listen to Rob and Paul. What does Paul think of Jenny?

B. Listen again and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). Correct the F sentences.

1   Rob used to play pool when he was younger.

2   Rob has a lot of free time.

3   Rob had light hair the last time Paul saw him.

4   Paul thinks Rob has changed a lot.

5   Jenny’s parents gave Rob the shirt he’s wearing.

6   Rob doesn’t want to keep Jenny waiting.



He clearly doesn’t like her, and implies that she is bossy / controlling.


1 T

2 F (He doesn’t have much free time. / His job keeps him busy.)

3 T

4 T

5 F (Jenny gave Rob the shirt he’s wearing.)

6 T


P = Paul, R = Rob

P   Bad luck, mate.

R   Nice shot.

P   I’ve had years of practice.

R   You used to play pool a lot at university.

P   You did, too.

R   Yeah. I don’t really have the time any more…

P   Or anybody to play with.…So what do you do in your free time?

R   The magazine keeps me pretty busy. And when I’m free, I’m usually with Jenny…

P   Tch. Your turn. Don’t blow it.

R   What is it?

P   I was just thinking about you.

R   What about me?

P   Do you remember the great times we had at uni? You had such crazy hair – last time I saw you it was blond!

 Don’t remind me.

 Those were the days. Look at you now, with your girlfriend and your nine-to-five job. If you don’t come back to London soon, you’ll become an all-American boy!

R   Come off it.

P   It’s true! I mean, just look at that shirt.

R   What’s wrong with my shirt?

P   You look like a businessman! Did you buy it?

R   Me? No. It was…it was a present from Jenny.

P   I thought so.

R   What does that mean?

P   It’s Jenny’s taste.

R   Yes, and I really like it.

P   Jenny seems to know what she wants – and she probably gets it.

R   That’s one of the things I like about her…Terrible.

P   You said it.

R   Sorry, Paul. We’ve got to go.

P   Oh come on, Rob. We haven’t even finished the game.

R   Another time. Jenny’s waiting for us.

P   Jenny. Right.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Paul, Rob, and Jenny talking about what to do after dinner. What do Paul and Rob decide to do? What excuse does Jenny give? What does she do in the end?

B. Listen again. Answer with Paul, Rob, or Jenny.

___  going dancing

___  doing some exercise

___  going to a club

___  going to an art gallery

___  staying at home

___  going to a gig

___  meeting Kerri



Paul and Rob decide to go and see Kerri playing in a gig.

Jenny says she has a busy day the next day.

She ends up going to Monica’s house.


1 P   2 J   3 P   4 J   5 J   6 P   7 R


P = Paul, R = Rob, J = Jenny, M = Monica

P   Oh, yeah. That was good. So! What shall we do now?

R   What do you want to do?

P   Well…I haven’t been on a dance floor for weeks now. I’ve got to move my body. Let’s go dancing.

  I’m going running in the morning. Why don’t you join me?

P   No, thanks. I’m not very keen on running. But I’ve read about this place called Deep Space, where they play great music. We could go there.

  A club?

 Don’t you feel like dancing?

  Not on a Wednesday night. What about going to the late show at MOMA?

 MOMA? What’s that?

  MOMA. It’s the Museum of Modern Art. There’s a Kandinsky exhibition.

 That isn’t exactly my idea of a great night out.

  What about staying in and watching a movie on TV?

 I’m in New York. I can watch TV anywhere.

  Who’s that?

R   It’s a text from Kerri. She’s doing a gig at the Bowery Ballroom.

 Kerri who?

R   Kerri Johnson. I interviewed her last week.

 Kerri Johnson? I’ve seen her play live. She’s cool. Do you like her, Jenny?

 I have to admit I’m not crazy about her music…or her, for that matter.

I didn’t think so. So shall we go there?

R   Why not? Actually, Kerri’s staying very near here and she doesn’t know New York very well. We could meet her outside and go together.

P   That’s a great idea!

R   I’ll send her a text.

  I think I might have an early night. You two can go on your own.

R   Are you sure you don’t mind?

P   Of course she doesn’t mind!

  No, Rob, it’s fine. I have another busy day tomorrow. You do, too, actually.

R   I know, we’re meeting Don. I haven’t forgotten…Oh, it’s Kerri. She’s on her way now.

P   What are we waiting for? Let’s go!


M   Hello?

J     Hi, Monica – it’s not too late to call, is it?

M   Jenny! No, why? Are you OK?

J     I need to talk.

M   Can you come over? Why don’t you take a cab?

J     OK, thanks.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Rob and Jenny talking on the phone. What’s the problem?

B. Listen again and complete the sentences with 1-3 words.

 Rob says that he’s feeling __________.

 Kerri invited Rob and Paul to __________.

 Rob says that he can’t make __________.

 Jenny is upset because it’s an __________.

 Rob promises that __________ again.

 Rob also says that Paul __________ that afternoon.

 Jenny tells Don that Rob is such __________.



Rob and Jenny have a meeting with Don, but Rob hasn’t come in to work, because he isn’t feeling well.


1 terrible   2 a party   3 the meeting   4 important meeting

5 it won’t happen   6 is leaving   7 a professional


J = Jenny, R = Rob, D = Don


R   Hi, Jenny.

  Are you OK? Where are you, anyway?

R   I’m at home. I’m feeling terrible. We got back really late last night.

  Why doesn’t that surprise me? You know, you’re not a student any more.

  I know. There was a party after the gig – Kerri invited us, and of course Paul said yes.

  And this morning’s meeting? In…ten minutes?

R   That’s why I’m calling. I’m not going to make it. I’m really sorry.

  Rob! It’s a very important meeting! I’ll cover for you this time, but I won’t be able to do it again.

R   It won’t happen again. I promise. Anyway, Paul’s leaving.

  He’s leaving?

R   That’s right. He’s off to Boston this afternoon.

  Maybe that’s a good thing. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like Paul, but…

R   I know, I know…

  I have to go. Talk to you later.

D   Jenny, have you seen Rob? I wanted to have a word with him before the meeting, and he isn’t even here.

  I know. He just called to say he can’t make it.

D   He what?

  I was with him last night. He wasn’t feeling very well. But it’s OK – he told me everything I need to know for the meeting.

D   Oh. OK, then.

  You know Rob. He’s such a professional.

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