Exercise 1 – Making Suggestions

Listen. What’s the problems? Where do Mark and Allie decide to take Scarlett?


The problem is that Jacques is delayed in Rome so he can’t look after Scarlett Scarpino, a young pop singer who will be in Paris that day. Jacques was going to look after her, but now Allie and Mark will have to. They decide to take her on a boat trip then to the Eiffel tower and finally to lunch at the Renaissance (Jacques’s favourite restaurant).


A = Allie, J = Jacques, B = Ben, M = Mark

A   I got a message this morning. It’s from Jacques.

  (on the answerphone) Allie, it’s Jacques. I’m in Rome. My return flight’s been cancelled. There’s a small problem. Scarlett Scarpino is in Paris for her concert this evening. I was going to look after her today. Could you possibly take care of her? Thank you. And see you later.

A   You’ve met Scarlett Scarpino, haven’t you, Ben?

B   The punk princess? Yeah, I met her in London last year.

A   What’s she like?

B   Let’s say she’s a bit … difficult.

A   What are we going to do with her?

M   Why don’t you show her around Paris?

A   I have a better idea. Why don’t you show her around Paris?

M   What, me? I’m new here!

A   You can’t leave me to do this on my own.

M   OK, why don’t we take her to Nôtre Dame? I mean, it’s her first time in Paris, isn’t it?

B   I don’t think churches are really her thing.

M   How about taking her on a boat trip?

A   Brilliant!

M   And then we could go up the Eiffel Tower.

A   That’s a good idea. I’m sure she’ll love the view.

B   And she might fall off!

M   Thanks for your help, Ben. Shall we have lunch after that?

A   Let’s go somewhere really nice. Do you have any recommendations, Ben?

B   What about La Renaissance? It’s Jacques’s favourite.

A   That sounds perfect. Er, Ben, do you want to come too?

B   Sorry, Allie. I’m really busy. But I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable meal.

Exercise 2 – An unforgettable meal

A. Listen. What does Scarlett have for lunch?

B. Listen again and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   Scarlett isn’t hungry.

2   She doesn’t eat meat or fish.

3   She’s allergic to seafood.

4   She didn’t enjoy the boat trip.

5   They went up the Eiffel Tower.

6   Allie doesn’t like Scarlett.

7   Mark guesses what Scarlett would like to eat.



A pizza margherita.


1 F (She’s hungry but thinks that the food in the restaurant is ‘horrible’.)

2 T

3 F (She’s allergic to mushrooms, strawberries, and nuts.)

4 T (She was ‘seasick’.)

5 F (Scarlett didn’t want to because she can’t stand heights.)

6 T (She thinks she’s spoilt.)

7 T


M = Mark, S = Scarlett, A = Allie, W = waiter

M   So … Scarlett. What would you like?

S   Nothing.

M   Aren’t you hungry?

S   Sure. But this food’s really horrible.

A   This is one of the finest restaurants in Paris.

S   I can’t eat this stuff. I never touch meat.

A   The seafood looks good –

S   Hey, fish have feelings, too.

M   What about the mushroom risotto?

S   Mushrooms? No way! Didn’t they tell you guys about my allergies? I’m allergic to mushrooms, strawberries, nuts…

M   Shall we go some place else?

S   Whatever. I’m going to the restroom.

A   Well, that was a disastrous morning. The boat trip made her feel sick and she wouldn’t go up the Eiffel Tower. ‘I can’t stand heights.’

M   It’s a pity we didn’t just take her shopping.

A   She’s so spoilt.

M   Oh, come on, she’s just a kid really.

A   So, what are we going to do about lunch? Shall we leave now?

M   No, hang on. I have an idea. Let me talk to the waiter.

W   Monsieur?

M   Do you think you could possibly do me a favour?

W   Yes, of course, sir. What would you like?

M   Well, I think this place is great. More wine, Allie?

A   No, thanks.


W   Mademoiselle…

S   What’s this?

M   It’s your lunch, Scarlett.

S   But I didn’t order anything.

W   Voilà!

S   Hey, pizza margherita! Cool!

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