Exercise 1

A. Jenny works in New York for the magazine NewYork 24seven. She has just arrived in London. Listen to her talking to Andrew. How does he help her? What problem does she have at the end?

B. Listen again. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). Correct the F sentences.

 Jenny is in the UK for business and pleasure.

 Andrew was on holiday in New York.

 Jenny’s husband (Rob) is working in San Francisco.

 Andrew gives Jenny back her laptop.

 He introduces himself, and says his surname is Paton.

 Jenny’s flight to London was delayed.

Why do you think a man was watching Jenny and Andrew? What do you think he is going to do?



Andrew helps Jenny when she drops her bags, and carries one of them for her.

Her suitcase hasn’t arrived.


1 T

2 F (He was doing research.)

3 F (He’s working in Alaska.)

4 T (Sts will later discover that, in fact, although Andrew gives Jenny back the laptop case, it is not her laptop. For the moment, they should believe that it is hers.)

5 F (His surname is Page.)

6 T


N = narrator, A = Andrew, J = Jenny, G = Grant

N   Day one. Two p.m. Jenny Zielinski has just arrived in London. Her husband, Rob, is still in the States, but Jenny’s going to visit his dad, Henry, before she starts work. She’s carrying a lot of bags, and drops them. But a fellow passenger helps her.

A   Are you all right? I’ll carry that for you.

 Oh yeah, that’d be great. Thank you.

N   They don’t know it, but a man is watching them. He makes a phone call…

G   We’ve just arrived on the flight from New York. He’s talking to someone. I’ll follow them.

N   Jenny gets to the queue for Passport Control. She’s chatting to Andrew, the man who helped her with her bags.

A   … And have you been to the UK before?

J   A few times, actually. I work for a magazine in the States – NewYork 24seven – and we have a sister company in London.

A   I see. And are you here on business this time?

 Sort of. I’m here for a few meetings, but I have a couple of days off beforehand. I’m visiting my father-in-law in the countryside. How about you? How was your holiday in New York?

A   It wasn’t really a holiday. I was doing some research there.

 That sounds interesting.

A   It was, but I didn’t have much time for sightseeing! Is your husband coming, too?

 No, he’s working.

A   What does he do?

 He’s a journalist. He’s on assignment in Alaska at the moment.

A   In Alaska? Wow!

 I know, right? I’ve never been, but he says it’s incredible.

A   I can imagine. A bit different from the English countryside!

 That’s true.

A   I’d better go. Oh, before I forget, here’s your laptop.

 Oh yeah! Thanks a lot…Sorry, I didn’t ask your name.

A   Andrew Page. And yours?

 Jenny Zielinski. It was nice meeting you.

A   You too.

 And thanks again for helping with my bags.

A   No problem. Have a great time at your father-in-law’s.

 I will…if I ever get through here!

A   Bye, then.

 Yeah, bye. Take care.

N   Andrew leaves…but the man follows him. Jenny gets through Passport Control, but after waiting at Baggage Reclaim, she discovers that her luggage hasn’t arrived. She goes to Lost Luggage and waits in another queue. While she’s waiting, she calls Henry, her father-in-law.

J   Henry?…Hi, yeah, I’m here at last. The flight was late taking off…I’m so sorry you’ve had to wait for me…I know, I know. And you won’t believe this – it looks like my suitcase didn’t get here…I’m not sure, it’s turning out to be a nightmare! I can’t wait to just get back to your house and – oh, hang on, I have to go – it’s my turn. Bye.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Jenny reporting her missing suitcase. Answer the questions.

 How long is Jenny staying in the UK?

 What does her suitcase look like?

 What’s in it?

 How long will it probably take for Jenny to get her case back?


1   Ten days

2   Greyish blue and hard plastic; medium size with wheels; it has a small lock, and a label with her name and phone number on it

3   Clothes, toiletries, and all her personal belongings

4   Up to 24 hours


A = attendant, J = Jenny

A   Can I help you?

 Yeah, my suitcase hasn’t arrived.

A   Which flight were you on?

 Flight RT-one-six-three from JFK.

A   I’ll take your details and then I can issue you with a reference number. Can I have your name, please?

 My name’s Jenny Zielinski. That’s Z-I-E-L-I-N-S-K-I.

A   And you’re a visitor to the UK.

 That’s right.

A   How long are you staying for?

 Ten days.

A   OK. How many bags are you missing?

 Just one – a suitcase.

A   Can you describe it for me?

J   Well, it’s kind of greyish blue…and hard plastic, I think…

A   And what size is it?

J   Oh, it’s medium size, like this. And it has wheels.

A   Anything else?

J   Yeah, there’s a small lock and a label with my name and phone number on it.

A   And what was in the suitcase?

J   Just about everything! Clothes, toiletries, all my personal belongings, really.

A   Can I have your address in the UK?

J   Just a minute. It’s The Grange, Marsh Lane, Long Crendon, Oxfordshire.

A   And a contact number?

J   Yes, it’s oh-oh-one, two-oh-two, four-nine-four, oh-one-two.

A   And finally, can you sign this?

J   Of course. Do you have any idea where it is? I mean, do you think it’s still in New York?

A   It’s possible. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Here’s your reference number. You can track the progress of your luggage online, or just give us a call. But we should be able to get it back to you within twenty-four hours.

J   That’d be great. Thank you.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to the rest of Jenny’s day. What other problem does she have?

B. Listen again. Answer the questions.

 Is Rob having a good time in Alaska? Why (not)?

 What is Jenny drinking?

 Whose computer is she using? Why?

 Who is Luke?

 When is Jenny going to see him? Why?

 What is Henry going to lend Jenny?



Her laptop isn’t working properly, possibly because of a virus.


 No, he isn’t because it’s been snowing all day and he hasn’t left the hotel.


 Henry’s because she thinks her laptop has a virus

 Rob’s cousin

 Tomorrow, so that he can fix her computer

 A pair of his pyjamas


N = narrator, J = Jenny, H = Henry, G = Grant, R = Rob, S = Selina

N   Day one. Four p.m. Jenny finally meets Henry and they walk to the car park where he’s left his car.

 … so then I had to go to Lost Luggage and report it missing.

H   You poor thing! What a journey!

 Well, I’m here now.

H   And it’s lovely to see you.

 It’s great to see you, too.

H   No, no, let me take that…

 It’s OK…

H   You’ve had a hard journey. Allow me.

 Thanks, Henry.

N   Jenny and Henry drive off to Henry’s house in the country, near Oxford. But the man from the airport has been following them. He makes another phone call.

G   We’ve got a problem.


 Day one. Nine p.m. At Henry’s house. Jenny calls Rob on Skype.

 I can’t believe I’m not there with you, Jenny.

J   Neither can I. It’s weird, isn’t it?

 I really miss you.

J   Me too. How’s Alaska?

 Not great. It’s been snowing all day! I haven’t left the hotel.

J   Oh no! That’s awful.

 What are you drinking? Is that coffee?

J   No, it’s tea.


J   It’s good. Really!

R   Where’s Dad now?

J   Oh, I think he’s getting me something. I’m not sure what.

R   So why are you using his computer?

J   Oh, it’s crazy. You know my laptop?

R   Yeah?

J   This screen keeps popping up and asking me for a password. I’ve never seen it before. I’m worried I have a virus.

R   It’s not your day, is it? First your suitcase, and then your laptop!

 No, but your dad’s being so nice. And he says your cousin Luke will be able to fix my computer for me. Apparently, he’s kind of a computer geek.

R   Kind of? He’s a genius. If he can’t do it, nobody can.

 Well, I’m going to go and see him tomorrow.

H   Here’s a pair of my pyjamas you can use, Jenny.

R   Oh wow! You’ll look great in those, Jenny!

N   Safe in the house, Jenny and Henry have no idea that the man, whose name is Grant, is outside in the dark…watching. He makes another phone call.

S   Selina Lavelle.

G   Selina? It’s Grant. She’s in the house, but she isn’t alone. I could come back tomorrow with…

S   No. Stay there. All night if you have to.

G   Yes, boss.

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