A. Listen to a recording sent to the magazine. What did Marta lose? Dis she find it?

B. Listen to Marta’s story again. Answer the questions.

1   When did it happen?

2   Where did Marta want to go on holiday? Why?

3   Why did she fly to Brussels?

4   What happened at the gate in the Brussels airport?

5   How did she feel?

6   What did the policeman say?

7   Where did she fly in the end? What happened there?



Marta lost her ID card.



 Lyon. Her friends invited her to come and stay.

 There were no cheap direct flights.

 She couldn’t find her ID card.

 She felt stressed and unhappy.

 He said that she couldn’t go to France because she didn’t have any ID.

 Madrid. She got a new ID card. / She spent the weekend getting a new ID card.


Marta’s story

This happened two years ago. I’m Spanish, but I was in Ireland at the time because I had a job in Dublin. Some friends of mine who lived in Lyon, in France, invited me to come and stay, so I decided to have a short holiday, a long weekend, from Friday to Tuesday. I looked for cheap flights, but I couldn’t find any direct ones. The only thing I could find was Ryanair from Dublin to Brussels, and then Air France from Brussels to Lyon.

Anyway, the flight to Brussels was fine, and when I arrived, I went to the gate for my next flight to Lyon, but then when I needed to show my boarding pass and my ID, I couldn’t find my ID card. I looked everywhere – in my bag, in my case – but it wasn’t there. The people at the gate were very nice and they made some phone calls, but nobody could find it. So they told me to wait in a small room and I sat there for more than an hour, and my flight to Lyon left without me.

It was awful – I cried – I was so stressed and unhappy. In the end, a policeman came and he said that I couldn’t go to France because I didn’t have any ID – the only place I could go was to Spain to get a new ID card! I waited another five or six hours for the flight to Madrid, feeling very depressed.

So I never had my holiday! I spent the weekend in Madrid getting my new ID card!

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