A. Listen to Rima talking six months later. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   She’s working in an Italian restaurant.

2   It was easy to find a job.

3   She isn’t living with her friend now.

4   she isn’t going to English classes.

5   She doesn’t know if she’s going to go back to Lithuania.

6   She’s leaving the restaurant next month.

7   Her boyfriend is a waiter.

8   Her family are very happy that she’s getting married.

B. Listen again for more details. Correct the false sentences.



1 T   2 T   3 F   4 T   5 T   6 F   7 F   8 F


Possible extra information

 She’s working long hours as a waitress.

 It’s easy to find a job in restaurants, hotels, or cleaning.

 She is still living with her friend. London is too expensive for her to have her own flat (she can’t afford it).

4   She isn’t going to English classes – she doesn’t have time. But she watches TV and speaks English at work.

 Her plans have changed because she has met someone in the restaurant (the chef).

 She isn’t leaving the restaurant next month. She’s getting married.

 Her boyfriend isn’t a waiter, he’s a chef.

 Her family don’t know she’s getting married.


I = Interviewer, R = Rima

  So Rima, did you find a job as an au pair?

R   Well, I found a job, but not looking after children. I’m working in a restaurant – an Italian restaurant. I’m a waitress. I work very long hours!

  Was it difficult to find a job?

R   No. There are lots of jobs in restaurants, hotels, cleaning, things like that.

  Are you still living in your friend’s flat?

R   Yes, because it’s very expensive here and I can’t afford to rent my own flat. London is incredibly expensive!

  Your English is much better!

R   Well, a bit better, but I don’t go to classes, because I don’t have time. As I said, I work very long hours in the restaurant. But I watch a lot of English TV, and I speak English at work.

  When are you going back to Lithuania?

R   I don’t know. My plans have changed a bit.


R   Well, I met someone in the restaurant. He’s the chef. We’re getting married next month.

  Congratulations! Is he from Lithuania too?

R   No, he’s Italian. From Naples. He’s a fantastic cook.

  So, are you going to stay in London?

R   Yes. I’m very happy here now. We both really like London – our dream is to open a restaurant together one day.

  Are your family coming to the wedding?

R   No! They don’t even know I’m getting married! You see, they want me to go back to Lithuania.

  Well, good luck with everything, Rima.

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