Exercise 1

A. Listen. Circle the correct answers.

 After closing the presentation, Eric restarts / shuts down / unplugs the computer.

 Eric plugs in the cable / clicks a link / adds a wireless network before he tries to connect.

 Eric connects to the screen / checks the sound / starts the presentation last.

 To join the meeting, people need to open a f le / download a program / call tech support.

B. Listen. Complete the conversation.

Eric:   I can’t get our presentation to play. What __________ I do?

Lucas:   You __________ unplug the cable. Then plug it in again.

Eric:   Uh-huh.

Lucas:   If that doesn’t f x the problem, you __________ restart your computer.

Eric:   Got it.

Answers & Audioscripts

1 unplugs   2 plugs in the cable

3 checks the sound   4 download a program


Eric:   Thanks for meeting to get ready for the presentation, Lucas. There’s a lot to do!

Lucas:   No problem, Eric. We worked so hard on the shampoo ad. So, of course we want everything to go well.

Eric:   Right. Speaking of which, I’m actually having a technical issue. I want to show our presentation, but I can’t get anything to play on the screen. It won’t connect! What should I do?

Lucas:   OK. I’ve had this problem before. First, I think you should close the presentation and unplug the cable.

Eric:   Uh-huh. OK. Ouch! I just hit my head really hard.

Lucas:   Are you OK?

Eric:   Yeah, I’m fine.

Lucas:   OK. Now, restart the computer.

Eric:   Should I try to connect to the screen again?

Lucas:   No, not yet. Plug the cable in to the computer first.

Eric:   OK, I understand.

Lucas:   Now try to connect to the screen. Do you see your desktop on the screen?

Eric:   Yes, I do!

Lucas:   OK, good. Now, you should start the presentation. Turn on the sound to make sure it’s working, too.

Eric:   Got it. It’s working!

Lucas:   Great!

Eric:   So, what about the people who are joining us online? Do they have the latest software?

Lucas:   Hmm. I’m not sure.

Eric:   We should probably send everyone an email so they can download it before the meeting.

Lucas:   That’s a good idea.

Eric:   And we could include a link to the website in the email, so they can just click on it. Oh, and we should bring the number for Tech Support, in case we have any problems.

Lucas:   Yes, good idea. Thanks, Eric. Eric: No problem.


Eric:   I can’t get our presentation to play. What should I do?

Lucas:   You should unplug the cable. Then plug it in again.

Eric:   Uh-huh.

Lucas:   If that doesn’t fix the problem, you could restart your computer.

Eric:   Got it.

Exercise 2

A. Listen. Circle the correct answers.

 New clients are coming to the office / having a video conference / visiting a resort.

 Marta will help Victor send an invitation / write an agenda / check the equipment.

 Lucas needs to create a presentation / send an invitation / make a list of people.

 Lucas needs to order lunch / breakfast / snacks.

 The meeting is moved earlier / moved to next week / canceled.

B. Listen. Complete the conversation.

Victor:   Let’s talk about what we need to do for the meeting.

Lucas:   Sure. I guess I __________ reserve a meeting room.

Victor:   Yes, that’s right.

Lucas:   OK. Do I have to create a presentation?

Victor:   No, you __________. I’m going to do it.

Lucas:   Is there anything else?

Victor: Yes. We __________ order refreshments.

Answers & Audioscripts

1 coming to the office

2 check the equipment

3 send an invitation

4 snacks

5 canceled


Victor:   Lucas, we need to organize a meeting tomorrow with the owners of a new beach resort in Belize. They want to work with us on their new campaign. They might be our next big client!

Lucas:   Tomorrow? Are they coming to San José or are we having a video conference?

Victor:   They’re coming here. Can you help me plan it since we don’t have a lot of time?

Lucas:   Sure. I guess I need to reserve a meeting room first.

Victor:   Yes, that’s right. And could you make sure the room has a projector and a screen?

Lucas:   OK.

Victor:   Once the room is set up, I can check the equipment. I’ll ask Marta from Tech Support for help.

Lucas:   Good idea. It will be faster if she helps. So, do I have to create a presentation for the meeting?

Victor:   No, you don’t have to. I’m going to do that.

Lucas:   Sounds good. Is there anything else? Do I have to send a meeting invitation?

Victor:   Yes, please. The meeting’s at 11:00. Send an invite to everyone in our department and I’ll get you a list of the people from the resort.

Lucas:   OK. I’m on it.

Victor:   Can you think of anything else?

Lucas:   What about refreshments? Do I need to order anything to eat?

Victor:   Yes. You don’t need to order lunch, but I would get some drinks and some snacks.

Lucas:   Got it. OK, I’m going to get started. I’ll reserve the room first and . . .

Victor:   Oh, you’re kidding!

Lucas:   What is it?

Victor:   They just canceled the meeting.


Victor:   Let’s talk about what we need to do for the meeting.

Lucas:   Sure. I guess I need to reserve a meeting room.

Victor:   Yes, that’s right.

Lucas:   OK. Do I have to create a presentation?

Victor:   No, you don’t have to. I’m going to do it.

Lucas:   Is there anything else?

Victor:   Yes. We have to order refreshments.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to the phone messages. Who leaves a message in all the conversations?

 someone from Tech Support

b   someone from Reception

 employees with problems

B. Listen again. Circle the correct answers.

1   How can Yuki fix her speakers?

      a   unplug the cable and restart the computer

      b   click on the sound icon and change the volume level

      c   unplug and then plug in the speaker cables

2    What problem is Tom having?

      a   His laptop won’t start.

      b   He can’t log in.

      c   His screen stopped working.

3    What does Sarah have to do after she adds a wireless network?

      a   restart the computer

      b   check the password

      c   connect to the Internet

4    What should Sam do if Carla isn’t free?

      a   call Junior in Tech Support

      b   call someone else in Reception

      c   cancel her presentation

5    What does Julio need to do as a last step?

      a   restart the computer

      b   delete some programs

      c   delete some files

6   What does Katie need to do first?

      a   turn on the speaker

      b   check the webcam

      c   plug in the cables correctly

Answers & Audioscripts




1 b   2 c   3 b   4 a   5 a   6 b

1   Hi, Yuki. This is Mary in Tech Support. I understand that your speakers aren’t working. It may be because of the volume level. First, click on the sound icon on your desktop. Then, change the volume level as needed. That will probably solve the issue. Call me back if you need more help.

2   Hi Tom, this is Junior. You reported that your laptop screen is frozen. Your laptop is new so it won’t be a serious issue. First, try restarting the computer. After that, try logging in again. Please call me back if that doesn’t work.

3   Hi Sarah, this is Mary from Tech Support. You reported that you can’t get online from the main conference room. It may be because you’re no longer connected to the Internet. To start, check the Wi Fi connection. Next, add the correct wireless network. And finally, make sure the password is correct. You might have to restart your computer after that. Let me know if you still need help.

4   Hello Sam, this is Junior in Tech Support. I got your message. I understand that you can’t do your presentation since there is no microphone in your meeting room. First, you should check with Carla, in Reception. She should have a microphone and will help you. If she isn’t there, then please call me back. I might be able to find another one.

5   Hi Julio, this is Mary. I got your message that your computer keeps crashing. Your hard drive may be full. To start, delete any files that you don’t need. Then, remove any programs that you no longer use. And finally, restart your computer. That will solve the problem. Let me know if you need any more help.

6   Hi Katie, this is Junior. You said you’re having trouble making a video call with your computer. It may be that your webcam is off. First, make sure that the webcam is turned on. Then, check that the cables are plugged in correctly. If you need more help, please call me

Exercise 4

A. Listen the article. Which statement best describes the main idea of the article?

 3D printing is a fun way to create small plastic objects.

 3D printing can change the way we do many things.

 3D printing is a technology that has been completely developed.

B. Listen the article again. Complete the sentences.

1   3D-printed food can be made out of _________ like algae and grass.

2   3D-printed houses are less _________ and produce less _________.

3   When 3D printers use _________ as the ink, they will be able to print _________ like a new lung or heart.

4   3D printing will change _________ because it will help heal people.

Answers & Audioscripts




1 plants   2 costly, waste

3 cells, organs   4 medicine


Most people today know about 3D printers. These are machines that “print” three-dimensional objects from a computer program. The objects are built using thousands of tiny little slices. The slices are layered together to form a solid object. At first, 3D printers only made small, simple plastic objects. But the technology behind them is improving every day. So, what will we be “printing” in the future?

New Ways to Make Food

Today, many people do not have enough food, but 3D printing will soon be able to help. Scientists are creating new 3D-printed foods which could be given to people without food, such as those who have been through a disaster. 3D foods can be made with the vitamins and minerals that people need to be healthy using ingredients that are grown quickly and easily. For example, different types of plants like algae and grass. These foods can also be designed so that they are easy to move and deliver.

New Ways to Build

There are places around the world where it is hard to find a clean and inexpensive place to live. In addition, a lot of natural resources are used in traditional building. But scientists have found a way to build homes with the help of a huge 3D printer. These homes are cheaper but still strong, and produce less waste. In China, an entire 3D-printed house was made in one month. In the future, all new homes might be made with 3D printers.

New Ways to Save Lives

The strangest and most exciting area of 3D printing could be medicine. Today, we are able to print medical equipment, prosthetics, like artificial arms and legs, and even skin! But we could do so much more. Take organs, for example. They’re not always available, so people often have to wait a long time for one. But someday, doctors might be able to print out a new lung for someone or even a new heart if the “ink” of a 3D printer was made of cells.

Clearly the future of 3D printing is so much more than simple plastic objects. Someday, 3D printing will likely be involved in every part of our lives!

Exercise 5

A. Listen. What does Ahmed talk about?

B. Listen again. Answer the questions.

 What does Ahmed use the app for? ______________________

 What does he like about it? ______________________

 How does it help him? ______________________

Answers & Audioscripts


Possible answer: the Pearson Practice English app


Possible answers:

1   He uses it to learn English on the go.

2   He likes how it’s fast and easy to use. You can practice many of the skills from the course.

3   He can use it for some quick practice on the go. He can pick and choose the skills he wants to practice. It includes all of the audio and video from the course.

Hi everyone. It’s Ahmed. Do you have a favorite app that you use to learn English? There are a lot of apps out there but my favorite is the Pearson Practice English app. I use it to learn English when I’m on the go.

I love this app because it’s fast and easy to use. All you have to do is open the app and choose the unit that you want to study. Click on the icon to download the unit. Download the unit when you’re online. Then, click on the lesson and activity. You can practice many of the skills from the course.

This app is really helpful because I can use it for some quick practice when I’m on the bus or in between classes. I can even pick and choose which skills I want to practice. The app also includes all of the audio and video from the Student Book.

You should check it out. You will love it, I promise.

Exercise 6

A. Listen to the conversations. Circle the correct answers.

1   You should / shouldn’t leave your laptop there.

2   You could / shouldn’t share your password with anyone.

3   You could / couldn’t ask the receptionist for the correct name.

4   You should / shouldn’t call her.

5   I could / couldn’t show you how.

6   You should / shouldn’t ask him.

7   She could / shouldn’t use a new case.

8   I could / shouldn’t give you a ride.

Answers & Audioscripts

1 shouldn’t   2 shouldn’t   3 could   4 should

5 could   6 should   7 could   8 could

1 A:   Do you think it’s OK to leave my laptop in my car overnight?

   B:   No. You shouldn’t leave your laptop there.

2 A:   My roommate can log in with my account. I gave him my password.

   B:   That’s not good. You shouldn’t share your password with anyone.

3 A:   This place has free WiFi, but I’m not sure how to connect. There are so many names on this list.

   B:   You could ask the receptionist for the correct name.

4 A:   I’m worried about Caroline. She’s an hour late.

   B:   You should probably call her. You have her number, don’t you?

5 A:   I just got a new phone. I don’t know how to download apps.

   B:   I have the same phone. I could show you how if you’d like.

6 A:   Where did James put my charger?

   B:   I have no idea. You should ask him.

7 A:   Natasha dropped her phone again and she cracked the screen.

   B:   Her phone case is very thin. She could use a new one.

8 A:   I can’t go to the party because I don’t have a car.

   B:   I could give you a ride if you want.

B. Listen to the sentences. Circle the correct answers.

1   Ana will probably / will definitely be late.

2   The coffee shop might / probably won’t have free Wi Fi.

3   Chris will / may buy new headphones.

4   Restarting the computer likely won’t / might fix the problem.

5   There will / may be a problem with Mai’s hard drive.

6   Alicia will / will probably cancel their presentation.

7   John and Kirsten will / might have a video call soon.

8   Selena may / will have the wrong password.

Answers & Audioscripts

1 will probably   2 might   3 will   4 might

5 may   6 will probably   7 will   8 may

 Oh, no! You should leave. It’s almost 5:00. Traffic may be very bad.

 Let’s go to the coffee shop. I think they have free Wi Fi.

 These headphones are really old. I have to get some new ones.

 You should restart your computer. Maybe that will solve the issue.

 I think there’s a problem with your hard drive. You should call Tech Support.

 I think I’m going to cancel the presentation. I don’t think we’re ready yet.

 Do you have a webcam? You’ll need it for our video call tomorrow.

 Is this the right password? It’s not working.

C. Listen to the conversations. Circle the statements that are true.

1 a   Lily needs to meet Tim.

   b   He doesn’t have to introduce Tim.

2 a   He has to send Kevin an invitation.

   b   Kevin doesn’t need to be at the meeting.

3 a   She doesn’t need to get drinks.

   b   She doesn’t have to order lunch.

4 a   She needs to reschedule.

   b   She doesn’t have to reserve a room.

5 a   He has to make more copies.

   b   He didn’t have to make so many copies.

6 a   Carlos needs to go to the presentation.

   b   Carlos doesn’t have to speak Spanish.

7 a   She has to ask Claire for new headphones.

   b   She doesn’t need to order new headphones.

8 a   He doesn’t have to meet new clients.

   b   He needs to be on time tomorrow.

Answers & Audioscripts

1 b   2 a   3 b   4 a   5 b   6 a   7 a   8 b

1 A:   Hi, Lily. Our new co-worker Tim is here today. I’ll introduce you to him later.

   B:   Actually, I’ve already met him so you don’t need to introduce us. He was here yesterday.

2 A:   Did you invite Kevin to our meeting? He needs to be there.

   B:   Oh, no! I forgot.

3 A:   Do I have to order lunch for our meeting tomorrow?

   B:   No, you don’t have to. But can you get some drinks and light refreshments?

4 A:   Why did we cancel the presentation for tomorrow?

   B:   Sorry, that was my fault. I didn’t reserve a room, and now everything is full. I need to reschedule.

5 A:   How many copies of the presentation did you make?

   B:   I made 20 copies.

   A:   There are only 10 people coming. You didn’t have to make that many.

6 A:   Is Carlos coming to the presentation?

   B:   Yes, he definitely needs to be there. Some of the clients only speak Spanish, and Carlos is our only Spanish speaker.

7 A:   I need to replace my headphones. These are broken.

   B:   You have to talk to Claire. She’s the only person in our office who can purchase new equipment.

8 A:   I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. Can I be a little late tomorrow?

   B:   No, we’re meeting with our new clients first thing in the morning. So you need to be on time.

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