A. Listen to three people phoning What’s the Problem? and complete the sentences with one word.

clothes      jealousy      money

Barbara’s problem is about _________.

Kevin’s problem is about _________.

Catherine’s problem is about _________.

B. Now listen again. What exactly are their problems?



Barbara’s problem is about money

Kevin’s problem is about jealousy

Catherine’s problem is about clothes


1   She has a friend who’s very mean. When he goes out with her and her friends he never pays, but he’s not poor.

 His best friend flirts with his girlfriend.

 Her flatmate always borrows her things without telling her, CDs, books, clothes, etc.


P = presenter, B = Barbara, K = Kevin, C = Catherine

P   Welcome to this morning’s edition of What’s the problem? Today we’re talking about friends, so if you have a problem with one of your friends, call us now. And if you’re listening to the programme and you think you can help with any of the problems, then just send an e-mail to our website. Our e-mail address is what problem@radiotalk.com. Our first caller today is Barbara. Hello Barbara.

B   Hello.

P   What’s the problem?

B   Well, I have a problem with a friend called Jonathan (that’s not his real name). Well, Jonathan often goes out with me and my friends. The problem is that he’s really mean.

P   Mean?

B   Yes. He never pays for anything. When we have a drink he always says he doesn’t have any money or that he’s forgotten his money. So in the end one of us always pays for him. At first we thought “Poor Jonathan, he doesn’t have much money.’ But it’s not true. His parents work, and he works on Saturdays in a shop – so he must have some money. Do you think we should say something to him?

P   Thanks, Barbara. I’m sure you’ll soon get some e-mails with good advice. OK, our next caller is Kevin from Birmingham. Hello Kevin.

K   Hi.

P   What’s the problem?

K   Yes. My problem is with my best friend. Well, the thing is, he’s always flirting with my girlfriend.

P   Your best friend flirts with your girlfriend?

K   Yes, when the three of us are together he always says things to my girlfriend like, ‘Wow! You look fantastic today’ or ‘I love your dress, Suzanna’, things like that. And then we’re at parties he often asks her to dance.

P   Do you think he’s in love with your girlfriend?

K   I don’t know … but I’m really angry about it. What can I do?

P   Well, let’s see if one of our listeners can help, Kevin. And our last caller is Catherine. OK Catherine, over to you. What’s the problem?

C   Hello. I’m at university and I live on the university campus. I live in a flat and I share a room with this girl. She’s really nice, I get on very well with her … but there’s one big problem.

P   What’s that?

C   She always borrows things from me without telling me.

P   What does she borrow?

C   Well, first it was CDs and books, but now she’s started taking my clothes as well, sweaters, jackets, and thing. Yesterday she took a white sweater of mine and she didn’t tell me. So when I wanted to wear it this afternoon it was dirty. I don’t want to lose her as a friend but what should I do?

P   Thank you, Catherine. So, if you can help Barbara, Kevin, or Catherine, e-mail us at …

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